She first made a cucumber scrambled egg,This is the most basic dish,She will still。

But it’s a bit ugly,The fried cucumber is a bit big,That dish by dish looks a bit overdone。
but,Salty is just right,Taste good。Lin Yuna thinks it’s OK, right?。
Then the second course,She simply fried a plate of vegetables,It’s pretty good at this time,No deviation。
Good looking,Taste good too,Finally,This dish is a radish and green vegetable soup。
Just a simple two dishes and one soup on the table,feel pretty good。
When Lin Yoona finished cooking,,Found it was almost seven o’clock。
Although these dishes are easy to make,But she has been busy for a long time。
At this time he picked up the phone and called Xiao Fan。The other party answered the call,“Hey。”
Lin Yuner asked:“Husband,When are you coming back?”
Xiao Fan said:“I’m already on the way,Get home soon。”
Lin Yuna said:“Well,I wait for you。”
At this time, Xiao Fan didn’t know that Lin Yoona was waiting for him at the dinner table.。
He didn’t know Lin Yun hadn’t eaten yet。I just think that Lin Yoona is calling at this time just to get him back soon.。
Xiao Fan returned home,Lin Yuner came to the hallway to pick up Xiao Fan。