“Thump thump!”

The three retreated in unison,And expressed puzzlement。
“Ze Dun Ghost Dust Mirror!”
Xia Chenglong said something,Unexpectedly,Shangui’s trick is finally a bit interesting。
Not only can block the opponent’s attack,But also able to bounce it。
Xia Chenglong saw the flaw at a glance。
This mirror is too thin,If you meet a strong person,I’m afraid it has no effect,After all, too strong will shatter it。
So the three Mo family brothers must at least blend together if they want to defeat them,It’s possible to gather together。
But they didn’t expect。
Feel that the opponent is a bit tricky,This immediately burst out the power of artistic conception,Relying on the coordination of the three same artistic conceptions,Can form a huge lethality。
But they were surprised again!
Because there are fire red blossoms,The butterflies are spreading from the middle to the surroundings。
The flame can’t feel the temperature,but……Can actually burn their power of artistic conception。
Almost collapsed,Their mood is totally useless。
Even more powerful is the one who always smiles confidently,The guy who has never shot,The other party did nothing,Just walked between the two people,Then Mo Er and Mo San lay weakly on the ground。
This hand is really surprising,This……Determined to be a battle between Rank 5 and above entering the Holy Land?
It’s too pediatric and easy。
Although many of them are omitted,But it shouldn’t exist like this either!