[Can you eat walnuts during pregnancy]_Walnuts_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat walnuts during pregnancy]_Walnuts_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Women consume a lot of nutrients during pregnancy, so they need to supplement enough nutrients during this period, and walnuts are foods rich in multiple nutrients, so women can eat walnuts during pregnancy, and there are many benefits to eating walnuts at this time.

First, can you eat walnuts in early pregnancy? Walnuts can be eaten in early pregnancy because the nutrition and physical metabolism consumed by pregnancy will cause the pregnant woman’s physical immunity to decline and mental depression. Eating walnuts can help pregnant women to supplement proteins, vitamins and mineralsImprove immunity and supplement toxicity.

Pregnant women eat walnuts and supplement the phospholipids in walnuts, which helps the healthy development of vitamins in the brain and nervous system.

The peanut starch oil in walnut kernels loses moisture during pregnancy and the skin is prone to dryness. The consumption of walnuts helps to replenish moisture, moisturize the skin, and avoid stretch marks caused by dry skin.

Peach high-quality protein, pregnant women will lose protein during pregnancy, causing physical weakness and weakened immunity, easy to get sick, so eating walnuts can help pregnant women to supplement high-quality protein, improve their immunity, strengthen their disease resistance, and also help the health of the fetusdevelopment.
However, due to the unsaturated fatty acid content of walnuts, if too much is consumed, it will be transformed into a small amount of aunt in pregnant women, so pregnant women should not consume too much, otherwise it will be detrimental to physical health and weight control.

Second, the vitamin E contained in walnuts can help the body of pregnant women, especially during the first trimester, it can play a certain role in preventing abortion.

You should know that after pregnancy, the doctor will let pregnant women eat some folic acid and vitamin E, so you should also know that vitamin E is also very important for women in early pregnancy.

In this case, choosing to take medicine is not as reliable as choosing tonic. Pregnant women can supplement vitamin E by eating more walnuts.

Third, walnuts also have the effect of enhancing resistance. This is also very good for pregnant women, because pregnant women will weaken their resistance during pregnancy. Eating more walnuts can help pregnant women strengthen their resistance, and the mother is healthy and valuable.Can better develop and grow.

Pregnant women can also try to eat some walnuts if they have a cold caused by a cold in winter, because walnuts have a certain effect on cough and asthma, although it is not particularly obvious, but it will still help.

Fourth, although the nutritional content and efficacy of walnuts are very good, but if pregnant women overuse it will also have some adverse effects.

There is also a large amount of oil in walnuts, so if pregnant women consume too much, it is likely to cause obesity during pregnancy, and the body of pregnant women with obesity during pregnancy will cause certain effects, such as affecting the blood sugar and blood pressure of pregnant women.Childbirth poses a certain threat, so expectant mothers should pay attention. Do n’t eat too much food, just the right amount, too much will reverse the effect.