[How can beef be stewed quickly]_ beef _ stew method _ how to stew

[How can beef be stewed quickly]_ beef _ stew method _ how to stew

Beef is a kind of food that people like to eat in daily life. It is also a kind of food about the human body that can supplement a variety of nutrients and achieve multiple effects.

But everyone who believes in beef knows that beef is not easy to stew.

And many tips can help everyone stew beef.

Now, I will introduce the method of quick beef stew!

1. How can beef be stewed? Stewed beef should use hot water, not cold water, because hot water can quickly solidify the protein on the surface of the beef, prevent the loss of amino acids in the meat, and keep the meat delicious.

After the high heat is boiled, open the shell and simmer for 20 minutes to remove the odor. Then cover it and use a low heat to keep the oil floating on the surface of the soup to a certain temperature to suppress the effect of radon.

In the cooking process, salt should be added late, and water should be added once. If too little water is found, add boiling water.

The day before the stew, use the mustard to wipe the surface of the meat, and wash it off with cold water before stewing, so that it will cook quickly and the meat will be tender.

Wrap a small amount of tea with gauze and stew it in the oven with beef. The meat is cooked quickly and has a delicious flavor.

Add some wine or vinegar (based on 2-3 tablespoons of wine or 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar for 1 kg of beef) to make the meat softer and tenderer.

Putting a few hawthorn or slices of radish in the meat will make the beef ripen quickly, and it can remove the odor.

2. Skilled beef stew Some people think that “beef stew is delicious and not easy to make.”

In fact, it is not difficult. Some people have summarized it as follows: “Choose a wide range of meat for the soup, and use less salt in the yellow sauce; put the ingredients together, and the meat is rotten when the heat is appropriate.”

Choose the meat Most people like to buy some parts with bright red shredded pork for beef stew.

In fact, this category is easier to stir fry.

If used as a stew, the fleshy texture will be tight.

There are many parts of the beef that are stewed, such as tendons, lumbar plates, bows, chests, external ridges, etc., accounting for about 70% of the whole beef.

These parts have tendons and skins, and are thin and thin. They look a little unsightly from the surface and are not welcomed by customers, but as long as they are done properly, they will become fleshy after maturity.

After the meat is selected, rinse the whole piece first to remove the floating dirt on the surface. After cleaning, cut into walnut pieces and soak in clear water for about half an hour to remove the impurities in the blood and remove them for use, but do not use hot waterOr boil the water tightly, otherwise the meat will become old and not easy to stew.

3. Crispy beef stew. To stew the beef, you can add a few slices of hawthorn to the pot when you stew the meat, then slowly simmer it with gentle heat. This will make the beef crispy and delicious.

In addition, when cooking beef, boil the water before putting the beef in the pan.

This not only preserves the nutritional content of the meat, but also tastes particularly fragrant.