Whether it is color or gloss, there are many paint.。

This is also a big selling point for the competition of the other party engineering team.。
Faced with the competition of this big bright,Jin Xijie has no good way for a time.。
If it is said to use other skeleton,He may not fight with the other side.。
But this competition is facing the big light,He can think about it is low to lower your own price.,But the price of this side is lowered.,Workers’ salary is less。
to this end,He is also a meeting overnight,Then discuss how to deal with everyone。
After all, this is just beginning.,If it is likely to compete for another period, the other party is,Even can only be forced to develop other places in the county town.。
Originally, he still thought of a large number of recruitment,After all, the life is not busy.。
I didn’t expect it to come out of the year.,His killing has some mementers。
There is almost the situation in this side with Jin Xijie.,After the year of the year,Yang Li discovered a lot less workers who came to work.,After understanding,I found that there is someone in the county in the county.,Treatment is good。
If not he is good,Make a piece with these workers in weekdays,I am very likely to run away workers.。
But even so,Also let him get a greenhouse,There have been many problems related to people with insufficient people in the farm and follow-up work.。
This thing he was originally thinking about Li Hui,But I thought it or gave up.。
Because Li Hui has recently been busy with the pig farm.,Although the pig farm is building,But there are still many follow-up work。
In particular, Li Hui has recently reported a message with him.,That is the construction of the mountain field.,His workers are very likely to be insufficient enough。
same question,Lee also found a little tricky with the wind,Lotus Village recently because some people come every day,Go sightseeing,Specifically to study greenhouse。
As for what is inspect,The other does not say。
Lee would like to know the wind just what these people when,Peach Blossom Village Peach rolls is called on the phone。
Seventh 183th chapter I appreciate his son’s happiness
“Xiao Li,Recently you sent it to examine greenhouse?”
I heard the peach volume,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
“No,uncle,To people in your village also examined?”
“Yup,They say look,Then get ready also shed,If we want to expand the size of the village can,They were helping to build greenhouses for free,It offers free vegetable seeds,But what vegetables they must sell。”
Peach rolls also felt a little strange,So will immediately call to Lee with the wind,After all, things fall in your lap,He felt a little less likely。
Lee heard this wind,We will know the simple things,It is definitely someone is targeting him。
“uncle,This is definitely someone is targeting me.,But if it is free,It touches you can let them get,But before I signed with those who have a good contract,Those who still have to sell my vegetables,Other I do not care。”
Have Li Hui, this way,Peach roll is also a breather。
“I am relieved to have this sentence.,When I gave you a good look at them.,See if it is a liar,If you really have free,I will let the villagers get。”
I will talk to Tao Wan.,Li Hui Feng directly found Xu Laifu。
Seeing Li Hui’s arrival,Xu Laifu is also smiling and invited Li with the wind to enter the office.。
“Xiao Li,You are just,Our village came a few people.,Said that you can give free greenhouses,Vegetable seeds for free,At that time, vegetables must be sold to them.,Money earned or your own,Do you say this is reliable??”
“Grandfather,I am coming to this matter.,I don’t know if I don’t know.,I want to know who is behind the person behind this.,But since it is a free lunch,They want to sign contracts,You can let the villagers brighten their eyes,Don’t pay the lady and the folding。”
I heard the mood of Li Hui.,Xu Laofu is also safe。
After all, I am free lunch,No one wants to eat,Just look at the free back, there is no trap.。
The other person seems to have a purpose,Just compete with Li Hui,But carefully think that it is a competition.。