[The practice of mullet fillets]_ mullet _ how to do _ how to do

[The practice of mullet fillets]_ mullet _ how to do _ how to do

Everyone knows how to make mullet fillets. Before you make them, you must clean the fish scales, or fish gills and other internal organs, because if they are not handled properly, the fishy smell will be easily affected during the production process.The taste to the whole dish.


Remove black fish from scales, gills, fins, broken belly, internal organs, and wash.

Use a knife to cut the fish head along the spine to form a fish tail, remove the fish on both sides, remove the skin, cut from the front of the fish to form a slice of magnolia petals, put it in a bowl, season with salt, 1 egg white, and starch mixuniform.


Heat on a pan over medium heat. Cook the lard until it is 50% hot. Add the fish fillets and distribute them. When the fish fillets are milky white, pour the oil in a colander.

Reheat the original pot, put 50 grams of lard, when it is 40% hot, add the spring onion and bamboo shoots, water fungus, stir fry, add rice wine, chicken soup, salt, sugar, and boil with water starch after boiling.Add the fish fillets and stir well. Add sesame oil to the dish.

3. Wash the fish bones and skins and remove them after boiling in a boiling water pot.

Add the right amount of water, add 50 grams of lard, add ginger, lightly fried onion, add the right amount of water, add fish bones, boil off the foam, add rice wine, burn for 20 minutes on high heat, add 50 grams of lard, and cook for another 5 minutesAdd salt, remove onion, ginger, and pour into a soup bowl.