Old people need to do a skin test before dyeing

Old people need to do a skin test before dyeing

At present, the retail market and professional hairdressing institutions use chemical hair dyes. The natural pure plant hair dyes are basically not found in the market because of the unsatisfactory fixing effect.

Too many chemical hair dyes contain p-phenylenediamine, which may be carcinogenic.

  Foreign studies have shown that the incidence of diabetes, skin cancer, leukemia, and bladder cancer in people who often dye hair will increase.

  Pan Xianglong, director of the dermatology department of Shanghai Shuguang Hospital, said that the more the hair dye is carcinogenic, causing allergies and even death, the more repeated dyeing, the closer the chemical reagents to the scalp when dyeing hair, the harm to the body may occur.

  In people who are infected with hair dyes, especially white hair caused by blackness, allergies, cancer and other diseases are more common, while young people are less likely to be infected with color, which may be related to color dyeing of young people.It is often used to highlight, often not touching the roots of the hair and the scalp, so the hair dye is relatively less harmful to the human body.

  The white hair of the middle-aged and the elderly is often black, and the time is very short. Because of the huge color difference between the new hair and the hair dye, it must be heavily dyed. The skin absorbs and absorbs the hair dye year after year, and the body foundation of the elderly is relatively high.Poor, so it is more susceptible to allergies and carcinogenicity.

  In view of the fact that current hair dyes mainly contain chemical components, experts recommend that you try to dye hair in a professional hairdressing salon; try to reduce it.

  Hypertension, heart disease, hypertension, couples who are preparing to give birth, pregnant women and lactating women are not recommended for hair dyeing.