23 o’clock in the evening is the best time for human sleep

23 o’clock in the evening is the best time for human sleep

Some people have said it well, “I can’t spare time to sleep, and sooner or later I have to make time to get sick.”

So sleep is very important to each of us.

We have an old saying in China, “Insomnia every day, less ten years of living.”

  Then, how long do we have to rest and rest?

6 hours, 8 hours, or 10 hours?

Sometimes Chinese words are called “going with nature.”

What is adequate sleep?

According to our Chinese medicine, it means that you don’t feel tired after waking up, very comfortable, very relaxed, this is a good night’s sleep.

What is bad sleep?

Old insomnia or nightmares, or sleep up to half a total awake, or sleep is very light, a needle can be awakened when it falls to the ground, this is not enough sleep.

Therefore, I hope that everyone will look at their own reasons, what is the cause of your sleep is not good, to analyze.

  There are twelve Chinese zodiacs in China. Each of us has our own genus at birth.

Everyone knows the Zodiac, but if I ask you to know what is the relationship between the zodiac and each hour, do you know?

  The best time for human sleep is 23 o’clock. Why is it the best sleep time for human beings at 23 o’clock in the evening?

This time is not raised by me at 23 o’clock. It is said by our Chinese medicine master. It is precisely the concept of “Mid-day flow”.

Many of my friends have to ask again, what is the “Midday Stream”?

  “Mid-day flow” is a law discovered by our Chinese medicine sages. It is a natural law exposed to the human body. See Figure 8: Meridian Flow Note.

That is, 12 hours per day is corresponding to 12 meridians of the human body.

Since the time is changing, different meridians are also prosperous and declining at different times, and their respective laws of change, so according to the meridian stream for health, you can get twice the result with half the effort!

  Chinese medicine says “Mid-day flow”, what is Western medicine called?

Called “Biology Clock.”

Since everyone has a general understanding of the time of the specific representative of 12 hours, then how should we go to health at different times?

  First of all, when we talk about children, we all know that it is from 23 o’clock in the evening to 1 o’clock in the morning. In this period, it is the most vigorous time of biliary metabolism.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon” there is such a sentence: “Where the eleventh is taken from the gallbladder.

“Why would you decide to be timid?”

  In fact, to remember these, there is a very vivid way, or do we think that our ancestors were very clever and have already painted them for us!

Everyone sees, what is the genus of the child?

It is a mouse. Why is it that rats are not other animals?

From the appearance of the mouse, it looks like it is not arrogant, neither big nor fierce. Why do our ancestors have to place the mouse at the forefront of the zodiac?

In fact, combined with our TCM health theory can be fully explained.

  In the view of Chinese medicine, the child is the most active time of “biliary”, but this time is the darkest time of the day; our yang is just born, that is, the fire of Shaoyang that our Chinese doctors say”.
Everyone knows that the idiom “the timid is like a mouse” is talking about this matter.

At this time, we should also sleep, this is the most precious time for our health.

  After the child, it is ugly when it is 1 to 3 in the morning.

This time is the most active time for the “liver” of our body.

The ancients believed that the liver is the main strategy, and the liver gas is upward.

If the light rises but does not fall, it will also cause problems. Then this view will be applied to the “liver” gas. If a person’s liver is too big and the liver gas will rise, then the health of this person will be a big problem.
The zodiac corresponding to the ugly time is a cow. When we describe a person with a strong temper, they often use the term “bull temper”, which is suitable for use here.  So what is the performance of the liver fire?

It’s just a dry mouth. Nowadays, many people are not able to talk dryly during the day, and every day, when they are dry, what should I do?

A water bottle was placed on the bedside table, so now I have been drinking water in the middle of the night, and I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Do you say that he can sleep this night?

So the next day I got very tired, just like I didn’t sleep, the reason is here.

  So, in front of me, I declare that everyone should be vegetarian at night, this is the reason!

Eat more vegetarian foods such as raw vegetables for dinner, just to lower the liver fire and let our body reach a balance.

The view of traditional Chinese medicine is that all organs of human beings are connected and must maintain a certain balance.

  After talking about the cow, it is time to say the tiger, that is, when it is squatting, from 3 to 5 in the morning.

This time is when the lungs live, that is, the blood of our body begins to redistribute again.

At this time, we should be in deep sleep, because the redistribution of blood can only be completed in deep sleep.

Anyone who has had a day and night experience knows that it is still ok at 1:00, but it is difficult to get through at 3 or 4, which is why the body is redistributing blood.

Therefore, when people go to sleep, they have to sleep. Sleeping is not a simple thing that every one of us imagines. In fact, the human body is carrying out a very complicated and huge project.

  When the time is 5 to 7 o’clock, the large intestine is active. The old saying that this time is “the door is open.”

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the large intestine and the lungs are in the table, the large intestine is the table, and the lungs are in the inside.

The lungs will accumulate fresh blood all over the body, and then promote the large intestine into the state of excitement, complete the process of absorbing the water and nutrients in the food, and then draining the dregs.

There is an initial “five more diarrhea” related to this time, that is, it must be pulled at this point, it must be arranged, this is called five more diarrhea.

  The following is the dragon.

We all know that it is 7:00 to 9:00. At this point, we should have breakfast. The blood of our whole body has already risen at this time.

At the time of Chen, the sun also rose, and it was also when we said that the yang was very full.

But we know that Chinese medicine pays attention to balance, when yang is sufficient, we have to balance it with yin.

  We know that food is yin, so we must have breakfast at this time, except that we will feel hungry at this time, the most important thing is that we need a balance of yin and yang.

Moreover, at this time we must eat a lot, not there is such a sentence, breakfast should be as rich as the emperor!

More importantly, eating too much breakfast will not gain weight.

Because by 9 o’clock, the spleen began to be transported, and the spleen could turn the food into blood and input it into the internal organs.

The spleen is transported by the spleen, the spleen is blood, and the spleen is the general schedule of digestion and absorption of the human body. It is the general leader of human blood.

  At noon is 11:00 to 12:00, at this time we have to care about our own heart.

The medical record records: “The heart is the god, the tongue is opened, and the Chinese is in the face.”

The heart pushes the blood to move, raises the spirit, raises the air, and raises the muscles.

If people can take a nap at noon, it will be good for the heart, so the energy in the afternoon and evening will be very abundant.

When we look at the corresponding Zodiac in the afternoon, it is a horse. Does the horse run fast by blood flow?

Does blood flow pump blood from the heart?

So this time we should take a lunch break and raise our hearts.

  This hour is also a period of time when the heart is sick.

More than half of these patients with high blood pressure are people with spleen and stomach disharmony. What are the characteristics of such people?

Both are accompanied by diarrhea, Western medicine is called enteritis, Chinese medicine is called diarrhea, spleen cold, and most of these people are people who do not form stools, and are sick at this time.

  It is time from 13:00 to 15:00, and it is the time for the small intestine to work.

The Chinese have an idiom called “The Intestinal Trail”. You have seen it. What did the sheep grow up to?


So the sheep can’t get high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Isn’t the small intestine a place to absorb nutrients?Now we are eating too much meat!

From the Western medicine, the small intestine is the place to absorb protein, so everyone must eat at noon, eat more high-protein diet.

  From 15:00 to 17:00 is the time of the bladder work.

What is the sheep finished?

It is a monkey.

What is the role of the bladder in the human body?

It is water and drainage.

Why does this person have a fever and drink more water?

The water is hot outside and is discharged through the bladder.

Drink more here, there are many rows over there. Is this heat slowly brought down?

So I won’t burn it down!

  There is a disease, low fever at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, which is the heat of the bladder.

The person who has this disease is definitely not urinating, so he is very hot. If he does not urinate, he will be hot.

Therefore, our Chinese medicine cures this disease and cures the bladder. The bladder is opened, the urination is fast, and the low-grade fever is gone.

The monkey jumped up and down to have a spirit!

  From 17:00 to 19:00 is the time of kidney metabolism.

So what is the kidney?

What happened to the monkey?

Chicken is a chicken, it is time for kidney metabolism.

Then the front talked, “salty and kidney, over salty kidney.”

We all eat some high-salt things at night, so we ruined the kidneys.

It’s okay to eat salty at noon in the morning, and it must be light at night.

  Then everyone thinks about why the pheasant is in the zodiac?

What do chickens eat in addition to eating food?


Why does it eat stones?

In modern medicine, it is calcium supplementation.

Everyone knows that bone pain should eat calcium, and the kidney loses calcium.

Oh, this calcium is not connected with Chinese and Western medicine!

Do chickens eat stones?

It produces eggs every day, where does the egg shell come from?

Don’t you eat in the stone?

It does not eat stones, you see the eggs of the chicken, the shells are all soft, and the chicken eats a lot of calcium.

Then, as we think of tonifying the kidney, it is called from the Chinese medicine to use the black bean to tonify the kidney; from the nutritional suggestion, calcium is the kidney, it is strong bone.

Why do you have a bone pain and eat calcium?

This is the truth.

  At 19:00, when I was at the time, my heart was working.

So what is the chicken after?

It is a dog.

What is the dog doing?Look at the home care home, protect the owner.

What is the pericardium?

Protect the heart.

If you have a myocardial infarction, your heart is sick.

It protects the heart, so the ancestors made it into a dog and guarded the owner.

The pericardium is the outer membrane of the heart, with the path of qi and blood circulation, the evil can not be tolerated, and the heart is hurt.

The pericardium is the protection organization of the heart, and it is also the blood passage. When the heart is wrapped, it will prosper and clear the heart and keep the heart in good condition.

This is a time when heart disease is easy to get sick. Some people in the society attribute it to eating too much, thinking that it is a heart disease that is out of it, and it is misunderstood!

  Then the last one is Hai pig, 21:00 to 23:00 is the work of Sanjiaojing, the definition of three-focus control anatomy, called chest, abdominal cavity, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, Chinese medicine called triple focus.

Why compare this triple focus to a pig?

When the pig is full, he has to sleep.

According to Chinese medicine, Sanjiao is the biggest cockroach in Liuyi, and it has the role of presiding over the water and dredging the waterway.

At the time of the sea, the three Jiaotong passes through the veins. If a person sleeps at the time of the Hai, the Baimai can recuperate and be very beneficial to the body.

Therefore, our ancestors used the Hai pig to vividly tell us that this time should be like a pig to learn, try to arrange to start sleeping.

  Whether these above statements are the wisdom of the ancients or the attachments of future generations, we will not go deeper, as long as we can let friends understand the meridian stream through the correspondence of these images, and understand when and how to maintain health in the day, myThe purpose is reached!

  So everyone saw it, and the things that the ancestors passed down are justified.

I hope that after you understand it, you must follow the meaning of your ancestors, and don’t violate these laws!

If you violate it, you will be punished.

In fact, both Chinese medicine pays attention to balance, and we are always inseparable from balance around us. We must balance balance, work and life should be balanced, and the ecological environment should be balanced. But now many jobs prevent us from going as normal as the meridian flow requirements.Work and life, some kind of night shift, how should we adjust?

Here I will give you a simple analysis. There are two situations in the night shift. One is physical activity and the other is mental work.

If you are doing physical work, some say road repairing, carrying things, these physical labor, you can add some meat to your nightingale to add physical strength.

If you are doing mental work, some say that you are on duty, janitor, writing articles, playing computer, are mental labor, what to eat?

A wide variety of vegetables.

Try not to eat meat, you can eat two mouthfuls, you should mainly use vegetables, but also eat raw vegetables.

If the work is busy, use the free time of two days a day to adjust your body and return to normal life.

  Through the previous explanation, we know the relationship between health and health at 12 o’clock every day.

The rise and fall of human viscera at 12 o’clock can be said to be interlocking and very orderly.

It is not sharp, people are an integral part of nature, and people’s living habits must conform to the laws of nature. In fact, this is also the realm of “harmony between man and nature” often mentioned in ancient books.