What are the daily symptoms of sputum?

What are the daily symptoms of sputum?

The tip is contagious, mainly through direct contact, but it can also be indirectly transmitted through infections such as needles, brushes, towels, etc.

In addition, trauma is also an important factor in causing infection.

So what are the symptoms of vanadium fluoride, and how should patients care?

Symptoms of sputum sputum are viral extras that grow on the skin. They occur in the face of young people. The back of the hand and the forearm present a needle-to-shoulder rash. They generally have no symptoms and sometimes have a mild itching.

1, venous malformation in the initial onset, the development and increase of skin lesions faster.

There are a large number of active viruses in the worm’s corpus callosum.

2, when the local is scratched, the surface of the carcass and normal skin can be slightly damaged, when the virus is easily implanted into normal skin to produce new carcasses, 3, suffering from infectious diseases,The corpus callosum expands in the affected area. When the patient intentionally or unconsciously scratches the affected area, it is found that the corpus callosum is more and more, even in the beaded arrangement or tightly integrated along the scratches.

4, crack cracks occur in the face, back of the hand and forearm, etc., showing normal skin color or light brown cracked pimples, smooth surface, obvious boundary.

The patient generally has no discomfort and occasionally itchy.

Patient daily care and health work 1, away from ultraviolet light, ionizing radiation; avoid alcohol, spicy, irritating diet; drink plenty of water, eat vegetables and fruits!

2, to maintain a happy mood, the treatment of the pilot is very good!

Patients with anxiety are likely to cause their own immunity to decline, so the cure is more than 10 times more serious than the psychologically optimistic.

3, skin function exercise!

In fact, it is very simple, wash your face with cold water and warm water alternately.

The cold water temperature is generally about 15 degrees, and the warm water temperature is generally 45 degrees.

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The initial peristalsis has to pay attention to what symptoms of wheezing. Four major symptoms prove that you have been infected.