Basketball Morning Post: Anthony’s career is the first substitute to play James will expose himself to health basketball

Basketball Morning Post: Anthony’s career is the first substitute to play James will expose himself to “health basketball”

On October 18, 2018, Beijing time, the Football Lottery will bring you the key news of the basketball game both inside and outside last night.

Anthony’s regular season career for the first time as the bench for the first time, the Rockets will be at home against the cricket, this is their first season of the new season, the coach before the game, D’Antoni announced the first goal in advance, of which Anthony is not listed, which means heThe regular season career will be played for the first time as a substitute.

As one of the league’s recognized super giants, the Antonio League has never been a substitute in the regular season, and refused to serve as a substitute, but after joining the Rockets this summer, he decided to accept this arrangement and promised to sacrifice everything for the team to win.

Of course, the Rockets are currently only in the debugging phase, and Anthony will have the opportunity to return to the starting lineup in the future.

The Sun official announced a short contract with Crawford, and the Sun official announced that he had officially announced the signing of the veteran Crawford. The two sides signed a veteran minimum salary contract, and other details were exchanged.

Crawford chose to jump out of the contract to become a free agent after the end of last season. According to media reports, he only contacted the Sun last weekend. James Jones’s lobbying made him finally decide to join.

Crawford, 38, is the sixth-best player in the league. He also won the best teammate award last season and has a high reputation in the league.

James has been exposed to “health basketball”. James has been one of the league’s most popular players in the past few seasons, but he may pay more attention to maintaining his body this season. He just said that as long as he feels uncomfortable,Will be decisive, and will not try to play all 82 games again.

Air Force Lakers coach Wharton also made this clear idea. After all, James is about to turn 34. In the preseason game, the Lakers also imposed strict restrictions on James’ playing time.

Butler promised to maintain a professional attitude. The Timberwolves will usher in the opening match of the new season. Before the game, Butler was interviewed to confirm that he is ready to play, and he will continue to fight for the team with professionalism.

Because the Air Force applied for a deal, Butler once again played in the preseason contest, but he has recently returned to the team and teammates to practice.

Butler said that he was very expecting the game. When his teammates didn’t play the strength in the game, he still yelled at his teammates. He thought it was his duty.

The Nuggets announced that they will renew their contracts with the coach. The Nuggets officially announced that they have already renewed their contract with the coach Michael Malone. The two parties have added a two-year contract on the basis of the contract.

Malone started to join the Nuggets as a coach in 2015, when he signed a four-year contract that would have expired after the end of the season.

In the past three years of coaching, Malone’s overall team has won 113 games, and after winning 46 games last season, he almost killed the playoffs.

The Nuggets leaders acknowledged Malone’s work and they looked forward to Malone and Jokic’s return to the playoffs.

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