Grapefruit is a treasure detoxification to lose weight and make you beautiful

Grapefruit is a treasure detoxification to lose weight and make you beautiful

In life, grapefruit is a very common fruit, its taste is unique, and it is also liked by everyone, but do you know that grapefruit has a good weight loss beauty effect!

Today, I will introduce you to the grapefruit weight loss method, help you detoxify and beauty, and be skinny and beautiful.

  Compared with other fruits, grapefruit is a citrus, rich in vitamin C, and has a lot of fiber content, which is easy to produce satiety.

However, its transformation is very low and can be repeated with watermelon.

Grapefruit’s excellent weight loss effect is that it is rich in fruit acid, etc. It can effectively stimulate the intestinal mucosa, affecting the absorption of nutrients, thereby inhibiting hyperactive appetite.

Thereby inhibiting the conversion of blood sugar into sputum in the liver.

Grapefruit is a low-GI food, so even if it eats a little more, its transfer is quickly turned into a cockroach.

  First, grapefruit diet recipes 茯苓 grapefruit diet: grapefruit meat 50 grams, licorice 6 grams, 茯苓 9 grams, 9 grams of Atractylodes, crystal sugar amount.

  Practice: 1, grapefruit meat cut into small Ding, licorice, medlar, Atractylodes cleaned up.

  2, add cold water to the pot, add grapefruit diced, medlar, atractylodes, licorice.

Cook into a sauce with a small fire.

  3. Filter the fried juice to remove the waste residue.

Pour into the cup, mix in rock sugar and mix thoroughly.

  Efficacy: spleen dampness, moisturizing whitening, remove edema and lose weight.

  Second, grapefruit slimming recipe of grapefruit iced sugar juice material: grapefruit half, rock sugar content, pure water amount of practice: 1, first peel the grapefruit, put into a small flap, put it in a bowl for use.

  2, add grapefruit and water to the blender, add rock sugar to join.

  Efficacy: This method is most suitable for MM who like to drink juice, drink a few cups a day, it will be effective in one month.

It’s easy to lose weight.

  Third, grapefruit diet recipe grapefruit meat + ice powder material: grapefruit 1, ice powder 1 bag, boiling water mode: 1, grapefruit peeled, take the pulp, the pulp as much as possible into a grain of fruitOr small spare.

  2, the ice powder into a large bowl, while stirring with boiling water.

  3, when the water in the basin begins to solidify, add the grapefruit meat, and after it is completely solidified, you are done!

  Fourth, grapefruit diet recipe honey citron tea material: grapefruit, honey practices: 1, remove the grapefruit skin, grapefruit meat into small pieces into the plate for use.

  2, the grapefruit skin is cut into filaments, marinated in the oven for about an hour, and then rinsed with water.

  3, then boil in the pot for ten minutes to remove the bitter taste.

  4, then add the grapefruit meat, grapefruit skin and the right amount of rock sugar into the pot and add water to cook for one hour.

  5, add the good citron tea to the honey, stir evenly into the sealed bottle without oil, put it in two days to eat.

  Efficacy: Honey citron tea tastes sweet and sour, can effectively reduce the amount and inhibit the micro-production before meals, usually can also achieve the purpose of detoxification and slimming.

  Five, grapefruit diet recipe grapefruit salad material: grapefruit 50 grams, 50 grams of celery, cucumber 50 grams, crab sticks 15 grams, sugar, vinegar, salt, black pepper practices: 1, peeled grapefruit, cut into small pieces, putIn the bowl, half of the grapefruit juice is squeezed, and it is usually used.

  2, the cucumber is cut into small pieces, the celery is cut into oblique lengths, and the crab sticks are cut into sections.

  3, grapefruit, cucumber, celery, crab sticks into the bowl, add grapefruit juice, vinegar, sugar, salt, black pepper, stir well.

  Grapefruit weight loss tips: eat half a grapefruit before meals, 15 minutes before replacement, eat half or 1/4 grapefruit, the weight is estimated to be more than half a catty.

The sour and sweet grapefruit can effectively control the appetite, so that you can reduce the amount of food when you eat.

And grapefruit can absorb the cockroaches in the body.

Eat it like this every meal, for a month, your waist and small belly can be significantly smaller, and become a thin person!

  When you use grapefruit as a snack in the process of losing weight, you usually feel hungry fast, or you want to eat especially. When you replace the grapefruit as a snack, open the chocolate, biscuits, puffed and other foods to make the sweet and sour.Grapefruit is your slimming helper.

This will reduce the accumulation of aunt!

And you can discharge the aunt from the body.