Teach you to supplement food nutrition

Teach you to supplement food nutrition

After a long and hot summer, the body consumes a lot of energy and eats instead. Therefore, in the autumn when the speed is gradually low, it is necessary to adjust the body and also store energy for the arrival of the cold winter.

People often neglect the requirements of daily diet because of the fast-paced life. Many people are just satisfied with simply eating, just ignoring the reasonable mix of nutrition.

  A fast food bottle of pure water, a cola cola may occasionally lie to our stomach, but this often often poses a threat to health.

Life Family Xiaobian specially collects all kinds of dietary health information suitable for this fall, so that you and your family can be healthy and happy every day!


Mass storage of food: Or because of busyness, or because of laziness, many people buy a lot of food at a time and stuff it into the refrigerator.

  Truth: The longer the food is stored, the more exposed to air and light, and the more nutrients it loses.

For every day of green leafy vegetables, the vitamin will be reduced by 10%; when the spinach is left at room temperature for 4 days, the folic acid will lose 50%; while the fish will be put in the freezer for 3 months, the loss of vitamin A and E is also about 30%.


Fine rice white noodles are delicious: during processing, the finer the processing, the more vitamins and minerals are lost, because B vitamins, substituted fibers, inorganic salts, etc. are all in the outer shell and germ of the seed.

  Truth: Coarse grains are not just types, but also related to the way of processing.


I like to eat a variety of meat: meat is acidic food, the human blood will be sour when eating a lot of acidic food.

  The truth: the body will use the body’s alkaline sodium and calcium to neutralize excess acid in the body, causing the loss of these two nutrients.

So it’s best to eat some fresh vegetables and fruits while eating meat.


The food can’t be eaten and then frozen. After the large pieces of meat are thawed, cut off the parts to be used and freeze the rest. Have you done this?

  Truth: Repeated freezing of fish and meat can lead to the loss of various nutrients such as protein and vitamins, and may also increase the risk of bacterial contamination.

It is best to cut into small pieces when the meat is fresh, package them separately, and eat as much as you can.


The cooking time is long and delicious: the longer the cooking time, the higher the temperature, the more the loss of various nutrients.

  Solution: The cooking time should be controlled at about 20 minutes, avoid frying, and do not cook more than 2 hours.


Copper pots and aluminum pans are also very useful: stainless steel, iron, and glass are good cutlery options.

  Truth: Aluminum pans increase the loss of vitamin C when heated, and copper is called “the enemy of vitamins.”

Cooking an acidic food such as tomatoes and lemons in a wok gives a tenfold increase in the absorption of active iron.


The leaves are not good: we often throw away the celery leaves and lettuce leaves.

  Truth: The skin and leaves of vegetables are rich in nutrients. For example, the content of carotene and calcium in lettuce leaves is higher than that in stems.

4 times.

  Tip: Different foods to keep nutrition Tuen Mun vegetables: Vitamin B in the fast-fired vegetables, C is most afraid of heat, so the longer the cooking time, the more the loss, the vegetable soup should be under the water and then the vegetablesPot, try to reduce the time it takes to cook in water.

  Meat: Eating differently with soup has different effects on the nutrients of meat. When braised and stewed, the vitamins and minerals in the meat will dissolve in the soup. Steaming and boiling may dissolve the protein.

Therefore, it is best to drink with the soup when eating.

  Noodles: Steaming is better than cooking because the noodles and dumplings will make the nutrients in the noodles slip into the soup, so it is best to eat dumplings and noodles with soup.

Deep-fried pasta is basically free of vitamins.