Abandoned sword forest,It’s too familiar for Zhu Minglang,So that I stand at this intersection,Those hard pictures of the past come in my mind。

Practice at a time,Exhausted time after time,Been here again and again……
childhood、juvenile、To say that the memory is deeper,Not necessarily Zhumen’s own house,Instead, this abandoned sword forest,It seems more like an old ancestral house,Too many memories in it。
Every rust sword,Have been touched by the blood that flows after my palm cocoon is broken。
“Brother,Want to go see?”Zi Miaozhu asked。
“Later,Go see the grandpa first。”Zhu Minglang has taken back some uneasy feelings,Open road。
Enter the main peak,It can be seen that there are many stacked mountain villas,Built from various precious woods,Eaves like white clouds,The column is as high as the pine,Grand and classical。
Inside Baiyun Mountain Villa,Several sword corrections competed at Dashanping,They didn’t use a trace of sword energy,Just a sword showdown,It has already given people a thrilling、Pleasing to the eye。
Enter the villa,Zhu Minglang saw an old man with white hair,Sitting upright on the armchair,His face is full of wrinkles,A pair of eyes is also half closed。
“Tai Gong,I wish Minglang came to see you。”Zi Miaozhu said。
“what!”The white-haired old man almost bounced up on the chair,Exclaimed,“My old man just took a nap,Why did you get hooked by the Yinsi?,Xiao Lang,Xiao Lang,I don’t need you to visit the old man,Where should you go,Grandpa, I want to live a few more years!”
I wish Minglang face black and black。
The sentimental grandpa thought he was meeting himself in Huangquan?