But when Wuhao went in,,Obviously so confident,How could something go wrong?

Tu Shanming said carelessly:“Didn’t you just say that?The three of us are here waiting for Zhong Yefu and the others。Can’t be stunned。If you put the child in now,Zhong Yefu and the others just arrived,Isn’t it just blocking?What is it called?Catching Turtle in the Urn!”
Huang Shaotian glared at this manly,So angry that he held the hilt。
If she didn’t know,My level is not good,Speed flow again,Insufficient defense,You will be killed by a spider as soon as you enter the hole,I went in by myself long ago,Where is it necessary to beg outside。
And even if Huang Shaotian is lucky,Not killed by monsters at the entrance,The cave is narrow,There are too many monsters,She couldn’t use her swordsmanship at all,So I can just ask the wooden knife to go and explore。
The wooden knife is actually a bit embarrassing,Because he was afraid of delaying Wu Hao’s arrangement,Everyone clearly said it,Wu Hao went in and distracted the spiders,Set trap,The three of them stay outside,Wait until the strong enemy enters before entering。
But now,Wu Hao’s whereabouts unknown,Life or death,If you rush into the hole,Also trapped,But it was really served in a pot。
“Wouldn’t Wu Hao summon a beast??His skeleton soldier is very evil!Don’t worry,That person is the most cunning,I don’t even care about him,Immortal!If it really doesn’t work,It’s too late to go in now,I guess the corpse is so cold,Save a fart!”Tu Shanming said without a word。
Although he knows what this asshole said actually makes sense,But Huang Shaotian was so angry that his eyes widened,I really want to draw the sword and kill people。
“I’d better go take a look!You are waiting here!”The wooden knife finally can’t hold back,Stand up。
He just got out of the bunker,Suddenly shocked,Face change。
Because just when I got up,He saw a flash of light in the passage ahead。
The wooden knife immediately lowered his head,Said quickly:“All hiding!somebody is coming!”
Of course Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming know how great,The two quickly bowed their heads,Hold your breath,Dare not breathe。
Came in at this time,Definitely a strong team,The weak have already been eliminated。