Chen Geng doesn’t matter:“No matter how many cars are sold,Is just a second-hand car dealer,Compared to sales,I actually value technology and R&D more……Director Sun、Chief Engineer Cheng,this way,This is the prototype of the engine we are going to transfer technology to Jialing Factory:HondaCBX1000motorcycle。”

This is HondaCBX1000?
Looking at the big red motorcycle in front of me,Sun Shoupeng’s first feeling is:Big!
really big!
Compared to those motorcycles that can be seen in China,Such as QingqiCJ15、Such as happiness250、Another example is the two rounds of the Yangtze River750,The Honda in front of youCBX1000The size and momentum are much larger than the motorcycles currently produced in China,Especially the magnificent one、An inline six-cylinder gasoline engine that is almost impossible to see on a motorcycle,Let Sun Shoupeng and Cheng Xingming, who understand technology, be dazzled:Really advanced。
As an old man in the machinery industry,Sun Shoupeng and Cheng Xingming know very well what such a six-cylinder motorcycle engine means:This is synonymous with advanced。
Chen Geng smiled:“Do you want to try?”
Sun Shoupeng is a little excited,But hesitated,Still waved:“Forget it,This car is too big,I’m worried I can’t control it。”
Chen Geng nodded,Also,The most powerful motorcycle in China is the Yangtze River750Police version,Can reach32horsepower,But this oneCBX1000The maximum power is reached95horsepower,Almost the police version of the Yangtze River750Triple of,And on@The power of the Hai brand car is about the same,Imagine an engine that can propel a car to propel such a light body,How strong the feeling of pushing back and tearing will be?
Although I declined Chen Geng’s kindness,,Sun Shoupeng’s eyes still showed envy in his eyes:When will our Jialing factory be able to produce such advanced motorcycles?。
Sun Shoupeng sorry,Chen Geng is not reluctant。
Take Sun Shoupeng and Cheng Xingming, the chief engineer of Jialing Factory,Come to the technical laboratory inside,Point to the two engines placed on the showcase,Chen Geng said to Sun Shoupeng and Cheng Xingming:“Director Sun,Chief Engineer Cheng,This is where we areCBX1000Engine as a prototype,Single cylinder175ccAnd both350ccTwo engines。”
“These are the two engines you are going to transfer to us?”Seeing that these two were wiped spotlessly、The surface of the engine is treated extremely beautiful engine,Sun Shoupeng’s eyes suddenly brightened:These two engines are really beautiful,Compared with the engine I saw when I went to Yugoslavia some time ago,It is simply the gap between Dong Shi and Xi Shi!