“Demons and monsters,Dare to fight with me?”This sentence from Lu Menglin’s mouth,Heard in everyone’s ears,Such as large beads and small beads falling into the plate,Very crisp and moving,Like Bong Lun Yin。

This remark,Sommeron’s face changed suddenly,Furious:“This is impossible!I won’t release you,How can you come out!”
“Rice Pearl,Dare to shine?”Lu Menglin sneered。
The voice has not fallen,I saw a strand of silvery white air shot from the center of Lu Menglin’s eyebrows,Twisted twice in mid-air like a snake,Volley and pay,Sommeron。
This strand of air is flying very fast,I arrived in front of Sommeron’s face in an instant。
Air wire like flying needle,He nailed Sommeron’s left eye hard。
Under the horror,Draw back,Dangerously and dangerously blocked his left palm in front of my eyes。
laugh!A strand of energy is under the attention of Lu Menglin with mental power,Sharper than a real flying needle,Easily penetrated Sommeron’s palm,And the remainder,Nailed directly into his left eye。
“what!”The priest Sommeron let out a scream,Hide your face and run away。
This is changing rapidly,Everyone didn’t expect the situation to take a sharp turn。
Lu Menglin just opened his eyes,Just two sentences,The priest Sommeron covered his eyes,Flee like a lost dog,I don’t know how many tables I knocked over。
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty Three Grey Skin Head Drop
No one saw Lu Menglin’s attack methods,Even Su Xuehen who is the farthest away from him,I only saw something faintly passing by in mid-air。