During the spring season, it’s time to protect the liver.

During the spring season, it’s time to protect the liver.

Regulate the emotions: follow the solar terms, quit the anger and worry about the health of the spring to support the liver, the Chinese medicine theory that “the liver is the emotional”, “angered the liver.”

Therefore, the key to nourish the liver is to maintain a comfortable mood, and to quit anger or depression.

Through the activities of going out and sunning the sun, the method of regulating the emotions can restore the qi of Chunyang to the purpose of normal operation of the human organs.

  Healthy living: go to bed early and get up early, and celebrate the people with the sun: “Li Chun Yushui, get up early and sleep late”, “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” also records: “Spring March, this is called Chen, the world is full of life, everything is proud, nightGet up early,?

This spring should be the way to maintain health.”

After the beginning of the spring, the sunshine will gradually grow. In terms of daily life, it should also adapt to the change of sunshine. It will sleep later in the winter, and it will start early, in order to facilitate the growth of yang.

Human blood is also like the natural world, it needs to be stretched smoothly, so that we can overcome the habit of tiredness and lazy sleep, properly stay up late, increase weight activity, stretch the body, smooth the blood, to help the health.

  Pay attention to keep warm: Spring 捂 protects the sun, and the thick and thin slang language: “Spring does not reduce clothes, autumn does not wear a hat”, said that in the early spring season, do not rush to take off the cotton coat.

During the spring season, the yang is gradually growing, and the chill is not exhausted. It is in the transition period of the yin and the yang.

At this time, the pores of the human body are also in the process of being closed to continuous opening. The resistance to cold evil has been alleviated. If you wear less, once the cold is attacked, the pores will automatically close, and the yang in the body will not beTo the declaration, resulting in the phenomenon of “yang qi”.

  Therefore, cold and warmth is still the focus of early spring health.

At this time, the clothing advocates “lower and thinner” to help the spring sun rise, the so-called “old and old Hengyan” cloud: “Spring is not frozen, the lower body is too warm, the upper body may be slightly reduced, so Yangyangpissed off”.

  Diet nursed back to health: less acid plus xin, help Yang Yanggan Chinese medicine theory that acid convergence, into the liver, is not conducive to yang hair growth and liver gas evacuation, so the spring diet should eat less acidic food, eat more Xingan divergent productsSuch as parsley, leeks, onions, etc.

It is worth mentioning that Chinese medicine believes that radish raw food is sweet and cool, and the cooked food is sweet and flat. The edible radish in the spring season can not only solve the spring sleep, but also have the effects of qi, phlegm and cough.

Amaranth, also known as the grass, Xin Wen divergence, has the effect of tonifying the kidney and benefiting the liver, helping the body to produce yang and smooth.

  In terms of diet and medicinal diet, for the characteristics of the spring season, you can eat some herbs and foods that nourish the liver and so on the liver, soothe the liver and qi, how the medicine is Shouwu, sputum, fragrant, etc., foods such as peanuts, ginger, onions, etc. are good.select.

In addition, it is also important to protect the liver and raise the spleen. Instead of jujube, yam and other sweet and spleen products are placed in jujube porridge and yam porridge.

  The following recommended two health diet: bean sprouts mixed with mushrooms[material]100 grams of bean sprouts, 80 grams of mushrooms, scallion, carica, salt, sesame oil.

  [practice]Wash the bean sprouts, wash the mushrooms, slice them after drowning, wash them with scallion, cut into silk, wash the parsley, cut into the end.

Take a disc, add bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, cilantro, add salt, and mix well with sesame oil.

  [Efficacy]Shugan and stomach, Fuzheng tonic.

Bean sprouts heat and dehumidification, soothing the liver and stomach, mushrooms, Fuzheng Qiqi appetizer, scallions, and the end of the parsley take its divergence and lift.

  Yam millet porridge[material]200 grams of yam, 100 grams of millet, 枸杞 15 grams.

  [practice]yam washed, peeled and cut into pieces.

Add the water to the millet for half an hour in advance, then boil in the pot, change to a small fire, add oysters, and cook the yam pieces together.

Slightly, boil for 30 minutes on low heat, then add the shallots and ginger to taste.[Effect]Zishenyigan, spleen and stomach.

枸杞 Live the liver, millet spleen, yam spleen and kidney, add ginger onions to enhance the power of the sun.