“Your knife is too crisp,Can’t stand me gently squeeze!guess,Will your body be like that knife,Will be broken?”Moubuhaha laughed,The face is full of pride。

In fact, he is certainly not a dual-line mutant,But before taking the stage,Major General Zhang from the fifth district personally found the auxiliary mutant,The dual state blessed for yourself。
Major General Zhang’s meaning is very clear,This duel must be won,And more important than victory,Is to show great strength,Deter those people sent by other military regions,Forbid them to complete the queen bee mission,Have any doubts,Not only to gag their mouths,And get rid of their minds of challenging Maosen。
Supporting Maosen is Fu Longfei, the 18th-ranked military master in the fifth district.,Although this person is ranked 18th in combat power,,But among the auxiliary mutants in the fifth district,The ranking is actually the first。
Fu Longfei,Infuse his own mutation ability into Maosen’s body,Make his body within half an hour,Significant increase in hardness,Hard as iron,Sword hard to hurt,And the most terrifying thing is that Maosen is in this state,Can still display the powerful strength of the power mutant,So I can smash Hebu’s long knife in one palm。
In fact, He Bu’s sword skills are already very good,If it is changed before the era of national mutation,,He is a martial arts genius,But in front of the mutant’s ability,The pure martial artist is obviously weaker,Is no longer an opponent。
“Kneel and surrender!Maybe I will spare your life!otherwise,I will beat you to death on the duel stage。”Major Mausen smiled triumphantly。
He Bu holding a half-cut knife,Still not weak,Staring at each other,Like a cheetah,Ready to strike at any time。
“do you know?Your eyes are really annoying!As annoying as your dead ghost teacher!”Maosen chuckled。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine Auxiliary battle
Listen to the other person mentioning Teacher Lu,He Bu shocked,I can’t keep my concentration anymore。
The audience shook their heads,I thought this Maosen was too disgusting,Obviously has the upper hand,But still shaking the opponent’s fighting spirit with words,This obviously doesn’t give the opponent any chance!