When talking,Wu Weihua didn’t care about Zhu Shiyao who was at the same table,But Zhu Shiyao has no clues on her face,Her age does not need to consider family reputation。

“Xiao Zhu asked you to come?”
Xiang Chen looked at Wu Weifeng and asked。
And when I heard Wu Weihua’s words,Yao Yao and Xiangyang on one side are also interested。
“Is Brother Xiao Zhu okay??Is he here too?”
Speak before Yao Yao,Xiangyang threw two problems one after another。
“Since Qing Master did not come,But long ago,Master Ziqing once said hello to me,If you are lucky enough to meet Mr. Xiang,I must say hello to you。”
Smiled and answered Xiangyang’s question,Wu Qiao’s eyes drifted away,But he has never left Xiang Chen in a real sense。
“I retired,Don’t want to do something exciting,If it is not necessary,It’s better for friends in the past to forget about the world。”
Pick up some greens and put it in your mouth,Xiang Chen chewing slowly,Calmly said something that made people feel a little merciless。But what Xiang Chen said seemed to be what Wu Weihua expected,After Xiang Chen finished,The look on Wu Fei’s face hasn’t changed much,It seems that this answer was in his expectation。
“I have a small restaurant in Wanghai City,Make you feel at home,If Mr. Xiang and your friends don’t want to be bothered by small things,Can tell me,I still have some abilities in Wanghai,Whether it’s a small matter or a big one,Should be able to provide you with some help。”
When Wu Weihua was talking,There is no boasting content,Some are just confident。
Got up and handed a purple gold card to Xiangyang,After appearing,Wu Feihua has done all the homework he can do,Naturally I know who is my real breakthrough。
“I won’t bother you!”
Chapter One Hundred Fly over
A polite farewell from Wu Fei,The moment he got up,Both Xiang Chen and Yao Yao can clearly feel,The air in some areas around has a short delay。
What kind of experience is needed to sharpen such aura?Not only Xiang Chen and Yao Yao,Even Xiangyang next to Yao Yao can feel the danger of Wu Weihua,Subconsciously grabbed Yao Yao’s palm,The latter patted Xiangyang’s hand gently,Smile and signal to Xiangyang, don’t be afraid。
After leaving,Wu Weifeng respected Zhu Ruzhi with a glass of wine,Then turned and left,Without any sloppy。