but,This wallet is so delicate。

Subconscious,All four pairs of eyes fell on Comrade Old Ding。Before departing from the capital,The leader of the Ministry of Public Security pointed to Ding Haijun and told them:“This is Comrade Ding Haijun from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,This mission,You must listen to Comrade Ding Haijun’s orders,What’s undecided,Just ask Comrade Ding Haijun。”
Ding Haijun nodded:“This is a little bit from Mr. Chen Geng,Everyone accept it。”
“leadership,This one……Does it fit?”Hesitated,Zhang Qiaoqiao still asked。
“It’s ok,If you don’t worry,You can report to the organization later,Just said he had asked me for instructions,You only accepted it with my consent,This is also a little bit of our compatriots。”
With Ding Haijun’s instructions,Then there is nothing to worry about,Besides, this wallet is really exquisite,Look likable,Zhang Qiaoqiao no longer hesitate,Generously picked up the top wallet:“Thank you Mr. Chen Geng,I have nothing to give you,I’ll make dumplings for you when I get on the train。”
I got on the train and made dumplings for myself?!
Chen Geng suddenly felt that something was wrong。
It turns out that it’s really not good,Looking at the interior of this carriage that is absolutely impossible to be a soft sleeper,Chen Geng looked at Ding Haijun dumbly:“Brother,You are really……Don’t tell me this is a soft sleeper?”
When I was in the U.S.,Chen Geng has declined the suggestion of adding a special carriage to himself,It’s fine to sit softly if you can,If there is no soft sleeper,Hard sleeper,At that time, Ding Haijun agreed very happily,Means absolutely no problem,But now,Looking at the car in front of you,Chen Geng has only one feeling:Pit!
This car in front of you,From the outside, it looks like an ordinary green leather car,What’s the difference between it and the hard seat car,The difference is that every window has curtains drawn from inside,But after I got in the car, I knew it was different,What kind of soft sleeper is this?,This is basically a special train car。
Chen Geng didn’t know what the real train car was like,He didn’t have the chance to go up to see it in person,But soft sleeper and hard sleeper are still done,Each box in the hard sleeper is6Beds,Each box in the soft sleeper is4Beds,Is it soft or hard?,The width of the bed is only sixty to seventy centimeters。
But what is the situation facing me?
Got into the car,The first thing to enter is a fully enclosed box,There are no bunk beds in this box,On the left is a sheet that should be one meter wide by sight、Covered with white sheets、A comfortable bed that ensures people can sleep,A bright yellow solid wood desk is placed at the side of the bed against the window,There is also a lamp with a green lampshade on the desk。
If you turn the chair in front of the desk,It happens to form a small private meeting room with the other two chairs with seat covers and seat cushions placed in this place similar to the living room.。But that’s it,An analogy,The area of the entire box is equivalent to one4A sleeping berth is as big as a box。
Chen Geng was a little puzzled:I haven’t seen it before、Have never touched special trains and special carriages,But I also saw photos of Taejo working in a special train on the photo wall of Taejo Memorial Hall,Peeping in the tube,The gap between this special box and the Taizu special train in the photo is too big, right??
“Brother,This is an instruction from the head,Say that since you want to take a good look at the great rivers and mountains of the motherland,We must provide you with the best conditions within our ability,”Ding Haijun said with a smile:“You said,What can i do?Besides, don’t think too much,This carriage is not for you,You have to pay the fare,one day300USD。”