Medicinal herbs mainly use natural botanicals

Medicinal herbs mainly use natural botanicals

Because medicated diet has fully played the important role of traditional Chinese medicine and received very good curative effect, it is very important to re-understand the ancient Chinese medicine.

  Speaking of Chinese medicine, by the way, Japanese botanical herbs such as herbs are replaced by people, but in China, the birthplace of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many kinds of Chinese medicines that are incomparable in Japan, and even a large variety of Chinese herbal medicines.Animals and minerals, which are almost unknown to Japan, have been widely used since ancient times.

  Rich animal drugs and mineral medicines For example, in mineral Chinese medicine, many kinds of talc, gypsum, keel and the like are being used.

Talc is used as an electrified insulating material. The main active ingredient is magnesium silicate sulfate, which has diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects. Gypsum as a raw material for cement also has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects.

  The keel, at first glance, is the skeleton of the dragon in Chinese legend. It is actually a bone fossil of a large mammal, such as a large mammoth, rhinoceros, and horse. It contains rich minerals containing calcium phosphate as the main component, and it is the main heart.Excessive excitement, insomnia, worry about uneasiness and other symptoms, have a calming and soothing effect.

  Among the traditional Chinese medicines, there are many types of gelatin, bezoar, rhinoceros, armor, and oyster.

Ejiao is a glue made from suede and bone. Bezoar is the stone in the gallbladder of cattle. The rhinoceros is the corner of the rhinoceros. The armor is the shell of the turtle. The oyster is the shell. It has a good effect.

  Traditional Chinese medicines used as spices are also among the most widely used plant-based traditional Chinese medicines, such as pueraria, licorice, cassia twig, jujube, peony, ginger, ephedra, almonds in almond tofu, and ginseng contained in the overlapping kudzu soup.North Korea) ginseng), Cordyceps sinensis, etc., is really innumerable.

  Most of the traditional Chinese medicines used in medicated diets are mainly plant-based Chinese medicines. The medicated diets introduced in this book actively and flexibly use hawthorn, ginseng, safflower, yam, lily, medlar, lotus seeds, longan, etc.The taste of the plant is better.

  Among the plant-based Chinese medicines, some are used as spices, a small amount of fennel, black sesame, pepper, ginger, sage, jujube, clove, pepper, star anise and other famous spices, these spices Chinese medicine is an indispensable raw material for medicated diet.

  Ancient Chinese medicated diets often use animal drugs. For mineral drugs, only a small portion is used, and most mineral drugs are not used.