The most dangerous blood pressure in the morning is not to be ignored.

The most dangerous blood pressure in the morning is not to be ignored.

The most dangerous blood pressure in the morning is not to say that the day is in the morning. What many people may not know is that the most dangerous and most easily overlooked time for hypertension is also in the morning.

  Experts say that 24-hour blood pressure in hypertensive patients is constantly changing.

Among them, according to the treatment of hypertensive patients 80% or more between 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock in the morning blood pressure is the highest.

  The common people know that there is a misunderstanding. I think that I have slept all night, and the blood pressure at this time should be the most accurate and lowest.

In fact, on the contrary, because of the excitement of waking up from sleep, this time the blood pressure is often the highest.

The chief physician of the hospital’s cardiology department said that the morning is the weakest stage of drug effect, but the blood pressure during this time period is easily overlooked.

  Doctors say that controlling high blood pressure in early mornings means controlling blood pressure throughout the day.

They recommend that hypertensive patients monitor their daily morning blood pressure by means of family self-tests.

  The doctor said that he would buy an electronic sphygmomanometer at home, and generally 300 or so electronic sphygmomanometers would be accurate.

After waking up in the morning, go to urinate, do not take medicine, and take a rest in the seat for 5 minutes to 10 minutes to measure blood pressure.

Self-test blood pressure should be continuous three times.

The first time the blood pressure is often higher, this is a normal reaction.

The final blood pressure value can be taken only once a year after taking the blood pressure twice.

  The doctor reminded that the family self-test needs to be done once in the morning and evening, until the patient’s morning blood pressure control is better, it only takes two or three times a week.

It is necessary to take treatment measures to find high blood pressure in the morning. One is to change lifestyles, and the other is drug treatment, in which lifestyle changes are the basis.

  Frequent morning blood pressure is not easy to control through the lifestyle, we may need antihypertensive drugs to help.

It is recommended to choose some long-acting drugs that control blood pressure for 24 hours.