Old man bicycle exercise is best to choose tricycle

Old man bicycle exercise is best to choose tricycle

Cycling, environmentally friendly and healthy, can be widely promoted for older people over the age of 65.

  Liu Jinjuan, the sports bureau of Chaoyang District, Beijing, told reporters that in addition to the usual travel, many elderly people also regard cycling as a form of fitness.

  Indeed, from an exercise point of view, cycling can achieve a heart rate of 120 in one minute, that is, medium intensity, which is a kind of strength suitable for the elderly.

  However, there are many studies at home and abroad that show that although bicycle exercise is good for preventing cardiovascular diseases, if there is no doctor’s guidance, unscientific cycling exercise leads to an increase in blood pressure in patients with hypertension, and the heart burden is increased in patients with coronary heart disease.

  Therefore, Liu Jinjuan suggested that when the elderly use bicycles as a fitness method, they must do their best, and the strength should be kept within 120 degrees. Do not forget to do a few minutes of warm-up before each ride; the weather is not good.It is best to choose another fitness method.

  In addition, the current electric bicycles on the market, the elderly must stay away from it.

Because the elderly are not as good at physical strength, vision and sensitivity as young people, they are prone to accidents during the avoidance process and cause injuries.

Therefore, if the elderly are only traveling in a normal way, it is best to choose a tricycle, which is relatively safer.