The doctor looked at Xiao Fan who was blocking his way,An unhappy expression on his face,This person is really an out-and-out neurosis,I haven’t even done the most basic instrument testing,Dare to speak out about the patient’s condition without shame。

Look at Liu Chunlan with bad eyes,And said:“This one,look……”
Liu Chunlan doesn’t care about the occasion,Immediately scolded:“Xiao Fan,You kill a thousand knives,Just stopped us from calling an ambulance,I’m blocking it now,Why did our Lin family raise you such a white-eyed wolf?!Don’t you hurry up!”
Although Lin Yoona doesn’t know why Xiao Fan always stops her father again and again,But he only feels that he is not malicious。
But if you tell him to believe that Xiao Fan has medical skills,Even said that Lin Feng’s disease can be cured,She would never believe it。
After all, this is her father,She would not gamble her father’s life with her trust in someone。
Said she walked to Xiao Fan’s side,Said to Xiao Fan:“Let’s see what the doctor said first。”
Just a word from Lin Yuner,Xiao Fan walked aside,Make way for the doctor。
Chapter Seventeen Father Lin is critically ill
The doctor snorted,It seems that he is really crazy,I have been a doctor for so many years,It was the first time I met someone who dared to tell the patient’s condition。
Even Yu Lai even said the bleeding site and the amount of bleeding。
This year,Really everyone has。