Li wanted to leave me one or two calls,With this call, I can contact the person in charge of the wolf mercenary,The other party is a Chinese!

“Li Xiang,You continue to be fully responsible for all operations of Baiyun Capital,If i have an accident,Baiyun Capital will automatically transfer to your name!”
I didn’t deceive Li Xiang。
Since letting him be the head of Baiyun Capital,I have made a will。
Once such a problem occurs,Wan Guo Law Firm will execute my will!
He is a very good young man,Good character and style, ideal and vision,A person who can make money but doesn’t take money seriously!
If Baiyun Capital really comes to his name,I believe I will do some very reliable things,And will not be the source of evil!
“boss,Actually, I knew this for a long time,Because my father is one of the founders of Wan Guo Law Firm。”
Li Xiang said with a smile,He also has a lawyer’s license。
I will do some cases in my spare time,Just when I was organizing the document,Have seen this will!
“When i just saw,I thought I was wrong。I feel very ashamed to trust you after confirmation,After all, I’m actually a little confused sometimes,Make investment,Can’t invest 100%!”
Li wants to tell me,He also made a will。
But if he has an accident,All assets will be handed over to the trust fund for operation。
Every year I will give a part of the people around me,The rest will set up a fund,Hire a group of professionals to protect those around me!
I believe everything Li wants to say,He was not a person lacking wealth!
“I hope both of us can live long,Have time to get together instead of accidents!”