In that case,Qiao Tianyu thought of Deep Blue,Use computer“wake”World history chess king,Let them collectively“Combat”,To ensure foolproof,Defeat Karpov completely。

But currently only1994year,distance1996Deep Blue Formal“Debut”Two years left,IBMThe company’s deep blue has not yet been developed。
Fortunately, before coming to Russia,Qiao Tianyu entrusts Li Jiaxing with full R&D“Sky Eye”surveillance system,Li Jiaxing recently recruited8The best network engineer,And followIBMThe company signed a server lease contract。
So Qiao Tianyu called to Li Jiaxing,Let Li Jiaxing lead the network engineers to tackle key problems overnight,Must conquer Deep Blue within three days。
With the world’s best mathematician Li Jiaxinghe8The best network engineer,And the most advanced server,In addition, Deep Blue’s research and development ideas are not complicated,and so“Joe’s dark blue”Was quickly developed。
and“Joe’s dark blue”Good record,Defeated the first chess player in world history in the first match、Karpov,Helped Qiao Tianyu take Andre away smoothly!
But since Qiao Tianyu was born again,Always adhering to the principle of not changing the course of history as much as possible,So after this battle,He decided to let Deep Blue withdraw from the stage of history,As for the deep blue again“Out of office”,Or give it toIBMDo it。
“Just one term。”Qiao Tianyu smiled and shook his head,Just fooled around。
After successfully incorporating Andre,Qiao Tianyu has all his wishes in Russia,He can’t wait to start his Dubai trip。
the following few days,Qiao Tianyu sent away Li Jiaxing and a group of network engineers,Completed immigration procedures in Dubai,Soon chubby face and Andre embarked on a flight to Dubai。
Dubai,Located in the middle of the Middle East,Although it is a desert,But it is also the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates,It is also the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the country’s seven emirates。
Mention of Dubai,The first reaction of the world is to be intoxicated,The countless green dollar bills and piles of shiny gold,Is the world’s economic and financial center and freight center,Is the world’s most prestigious luxury capital。
Here gathers the world’s richest richest Middle Eastern royal family,Has the world’s tallest man-made building Burj Khalifa,And Palm Island, the world’s largest artificial island project,And the only seven-star hotel in the world—Sailing Hotel。
When it comes to coming to Dubai,The chubby face jumps down with excitement,She arrogantly called her biggest wish in her life,Just come to Dubai to find a local“Poor”Married,And then we will live a lifetime!
This guy!
Qiao Tianyu was so angry that tears came out,Didn’t it say that the four families will be restored??Only a few days later,Just forget it all?