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[Can the Four Season Fruit be placed indoors?

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Many people usually like to raise some flowers and plants, and raise some flowers and plants indoors, which can not only purify the air, but also pleasing to the eye. Evergreen is a relatively common plant, which is a flowering and fruiting plant. It is generally not suitable for indoor cultivation.Yes, if it is placed indoors, it will affect the growth of the trees, which may seriously lead to the death of the trees. If you want to raise it, it is usually placed on a wooden board during the day and indoors at night.

Seasonal fruit plant reachability1.

2 meters, crown diameter 80 cm, single leaves alternate, white flowers solitary in the leaf axils, its spherical shape, the fruit color changes from green to red with the seasons, to orange yellow, round and exquisite, very cute.

Four season fruits are mostly used as ornamental plants and cultivated as bonsai in the south.

The ripening season of the four-season fruit coincides with New Year’s Day. During the Spring Festival, it is displayed in several halls and on the windowsill, which can increase the festive atmosphere.

Four season fruit breeding method The four season fruit breeding and management are relatively simple, mostly using seed propagation, red and mature harvesting in winter and spring collection, washed in water, dried seeds for later use.

Four season fruit seeds are sown in the open field in spring. After sowing, the temperature will germinate quickly, neatly, and grow fast. When the four season fruit seedlings grow 2?
When three true leaves are used, they should be transplanted once, and the base fertilizer should be applied to the seedbed, and planted at a distance of 10 × 15 cm.

After planting, weeding and weeding are often carried out to facilitate the development of the root system.

When seedlings are 15?
When the height is 20 cm, transplant again, the planting distance is 30?
40 cm.

How to grow four-season fruits Four-season fruits are not cold-resistant, prefer a warm and humid environment with plenty of sunshine, soil requirements are loose and fertile, well-drained slightly acidic soil, phosphorus fertilizer makes the fruit last a long time.

In the spring in March in the greenhouse or in the fall in October in high-rise seedbeds, prevent excessively low winter temperatures from about 5 ° C to 10 ° C.

During the growth of the four-season fruit, fertilized thin fertilizer water is applied every 7-10 days. From the bud to the young fruit period, the rapid phosphate fertilizer can be applied 2-3 times to promote the growth of its fruit.

Always keep the pot soil moist. During the flowering season of the four season fruit, properly control the amount of watering. The pot soil is too wet, it is easy to fall flowers, and it can not hold the fruit.

After a large number of flowers bloom, the small fruits are full of branches, and the amount of watering can be gradually increased. At this time, it is mid-summer, and it is necessary to maintain sufficient moisture.

Four seasons fruit is watered 3-4 days before wintering, and it is relocated to a room where the south-facing window is not frozen.

If you want to watch the fruits during the Spring Festival, you should leave the flowers that bloom in mid-September, and you should apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer after flowering.

Pest and disease precautions 1.

When red spider disease occurs in the four season fruit, spray the garlic juice and a small amount of liquid synthesized by soap and water on the insect body to effectively suppress it.


When aphid disease occurs in the four-season fruit, you can soak the water with the smoked cigarette, spray the soaked yellow liquid evenly on the insect parts or use pesticides such as trichlorfon to kill the aphids.