[Can kidney disease eat winter melon]_ low back pain _ diet

[Can kidney disease eat winter melon]_ low back pain _ diet

Kidney disease is a common disease in many modern people today. It is particularly common in clinical medicine. In addition, men will suffer from kidney disease, and female friends will have kidney deficiency.

However, living conditions have gradually improved, and many people have begun to maintain health and prevent various diseases, including kidney disease.

Some people adjust their diet through diet, but patients with kidney disease are not allowed to eat melon.

Let’s take a look at the related content.

1 Winter melon is cold, generally the spleen and stomach are cold, kidneys are cold, yang deficiency is cold, eat with caution, winter melon is beneficial for water and swelling, it can be eaten.

The general population suffers from edible conditions such as kidney disease, edema, beriberi, cancer, diabetes, and coronary heart disease, so you can eat it and cause swelling and swelling.

2 Winter melon is a vegetable that is commonly eaten by people, especially in summer and autumn. Winter melon is rich in vitamin C, which contains 135 mg of potassium and sodium 9 per 100 grams.

5 mg. Vegetables such as melon with low sodium and potassium content are suitable for patients who need a low-salt diet, such as those with hypertension, kidney disease, and edema.

In addition, the melon skin is more medicinal than melon meat and has a stronger effect on water and swelling.

Winter melon is sweet, enters the lungs, large and small intestines, bladder meridians, diuresis and swelling, clears heat and detoxifies, and even eliminates phlegm.

Take melon peel and boil water for tea to cure edema caused by nephritis.

3 should eat light and digestible food, avoid seafood, beef, mutton, spicy and irritating food, wine and all hair products such as: spice aniseed, coffee, coriander and so on.

In particular, patients with yin deficiency such as: red tongue, large pulse, night sweats, dry stool, and hematuria should not eat the above foods.

However, patients with yang deficiency, such as: pale tongue, white fur, heavy pulses, cold body, cold limbs, thin people, can eat hot food.