Her room is also the warmth and incomparable heating that Li is burned with the wind.。

And after the finished Li Hui is, it is directly waiting for the arrival in the nest.。
Just follow the big gray wolf waiting for the little white rabbit along the hole.。
It’s hard to keep it hard to be self-suited tonight.,I have a hurry, I want to find a ruler.,Just Lin Yu is present,He has not been embarrassed。
Nowadays, deep quiet,He is naturally can’t wait。
Xu Ruzhen saw that Li Hui Feng fell asleep in the nest early.,How many lost hearts,After all, she also has a lot of words, I want to say to Li.,There is still a lot of words that blessings.。
But as she turned off the light bulb.,I feel that the waist is hugged by a pair of hands.,Then, Li Hui’s heavy breathing was passed.。
“Hey-hey,Sister,Tell, are we going to fight to Deniang??”
“breeze,Don’t make trouble,If you still have a next door not far away?。”
Xu Ruzhen thought about Lin Yucai said that,She feels a little ashamed.,After all, it is your own girlfriend.,And your excitement is heard by the other party and feels a bit.。
“Hey-hey,Sister,The sound insulation of this room is very good.,Lin Boss must not know。”
No waiting Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui has already kissed。
How long does it?,That suddenly,The ups and downs are passed from the house to the yard.。
Liu Dafu came to the house of the orchard with Zhao Xiaoli,Heard the sound,Two people are all。
“Wife,This little Li is very powerful.,This is half an hour.,Actually no end。”
Zhao Xiaoli listened this,Do not have a bite。
“I want these in your mind.,He is so good to give him a girlfriend.,What do you say about our children??
Xiao Li is now a woman.,If it is given by this woman,Our chance is even more embarrassing。”
“Hey-hey,Will not,You forgot that Xiao Li is doing??
His medical skills are so high,Will definitely not harm your body。”
On the evening,In addition to Li Hui’s good sweetness,Lin Yucai,Zhao Xiaoli has Liu Dafu is insomnia.。
Despite the performance of Liu Dafu’s efforts,But think of those sounds heard behind the wall,He feels that he is a slag, he is a slag.。
The next morning,Li Hui Feng got up early and went to the New Year.。
By the year,Li Hui Hui called Xu Ruzhen,Then I also have Lin Yu, I went to Shenjia Village.,Because Shenjia Village lives on the mountain。
When he is very small,I heard the temple on the mountain is very good.。
And Wang Jing also said,He can take a university to pay more than a day to go to the temple.。
Just here this year,He is also ready to take two women to worship。
Although the weather is very cold,However, it is not long to climb on the mountain along Shenjia Village.,Lin Yuru, I have been tired.。
See Xu Ruzhen and Li Hui Rong Dragon Tiger,She has some regret last night, she didn’t sleep.。
Although she is also drinking Xianquan,But it is obvious that it has not been completely absorbed.。
“Small,You wait for me,too tired。”
While talking,Lin Yu is also slowly pulling Xu Ruzhen to the side.。