Shen Yutong wiped his eyes and smiled:“Do not worry,I’m not the kind of pester,You will be my brother from today。”

Xiao Fan looked at her and said nothing。
With the previous episode,The meal for two people is barely going on。
Miss Shen came home,Shen Zhihong came out and asked:“How did you talk to Xiao Fan?”
“What else can we talk about?”Shen Yutong said lonely。
Look at my daughter like this,He also understood that Xiao Fan must have solemnly refused。
Had to comfort my daughter,Said:“I can’t find a man just like our eldest lady?No need to be so sad for a person,Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have one more brother to take care of you??”
Listened to my father,Shen Yutong seems to be clear,Finally brought the business to his father:“Xiao Fan said,He has a heart-warming home project,Need some financial help,It is not convenient for him to ask the Lin family for money。”
“We must help with this。”Shen Zhihong said。
Shen Yutong began to think about how to make this money meaningful and able to help Xiao Fan。
“Why don’t we hold an auction?!”It suddenly occurred to her that there were many famous paintings that she liked very much at the time。
She thought:This will not only sell useless paintings at home to people in need,It can also call on more people to participate in this charity event。
Thinking of this idea,Shen Yutong immediately called Xiao Fan and told him her thoughts。
Xiao Fan thinks this is indeed a good idea,There will not be all the infamy that the Shen family is helping him。
Soon it came to a three-day appointment,Song Haiyang, who was arrogantly about to bet, no longer knew where he was.,People waiting to see the excitement also participated in the grand auction。
The auction is in full swing,Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona looked at the treasures on display,At this time an unexpected guest came。
Liu Shanshan, who has not been seen for a few days, is slightly tired,Said:“Xiao Fan,You and my friend,Can you help me,Bang Bang Song Haiyang。”
“what,Bang Bang Song Haiyang?What’s up with him?”Lin Yuner asked。
“The other day he,Provoked the Shen family,result,One night,Song family went bankrupt。”When Liu Shanshan said this,,Eye circles are red。
“what?bankrupted,One more night?”Lin Yuner’s surprised mouth couldn’t close。