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[Can a baseball month baby eat a banana?

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The health of the baby’s diet is a very important issue for parents, because the baby’s body needs a continuous supply of nutrients to get the necessary factors for growth.

There are many nutritious ingredients in life. Among them, fruit ingredients are the most aspects and the most worry-free type of food. It is easier for people to obtain the nutritional ingredients. Let ‘s take bananas as an example to see if the baby can eat bananas.

After 4-6 months, the baby starts to add complementary foods, from fluid foods to solid foods (from thin to thick); from little to many; first cereals, then vegetables and fruits, and finally animal foods; single foods and then mixed foods.

In general, babies who consume artificial or mixed food can add vegetable water or alternative fruit juice at this time.

Add pure rice noodles after baby is 4 months, because baby 4?
At 6 months of age, intestinal amylases become active, and proper addition of rice flour can supplement the baby’s nutrition without increasing the baby’s delicate burden.

In addition, rice noodles are a food that rarely causes allergies to babies.

After adding cereal for two weeks, you can try to add fruit puree or vegetable puree. Feed only one kind of food at a time. Each kind of food adapts to 1?
Two weeks.

Then try adding yolk mud, fish puree, etc.

Baby’s benefits of eating bananas: 1. Banana is mixed with potassium.

Bananas are very high in potassium, containing about 330 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams of bananas, while other fruits are listed much less.

After your baby sweats after exercising, or diarrhea will cause potassium loss, eating bananas can supplement the potassium required by the body.

2. Banana cobalt high fiber.

The yield of bananas is also high in fiber content.

Additive fiber 3 per 100 grams of banana.

1 gram is an outstanding leader in the fruit industry, so eating bananas has a good laxative effect.

Since bananas absorb water in the intermediates, after eating bananas for a while, it is necessary to appropriately increase water delivery.

In addition, only ripe bananas have the effect of intestines.

3. Bananas make people happy.

Banana contains ingredients such as pantothenic acid, which is the body’s natural “happy hormone”, which can relieve psychological stress, relieve depression, and make people happy.