“Hahahaha!Really have you,Good thing for you,It’s over and it’s famous,Catch people tightly,This innocence is still yours”He Wei smiles slutty,She felt that Xia Jian was a speculation。

Since everyone thinks so,Xia Jian can’t explain anything。He just followed with a smile and said:“Mr. He,How about you hype,Must be more famous than me”
“Hey!I’m old and yellow,No one pays attention to such lace news,Or your young people have a greater influence,Besides, who are you??Executive CEO of Venture Group,You can do so much at a young age,You said people don’t explode your information,Can also explode my old woman”He Wei smiling,Handed the brewed tea to Xia Jian’s hand。
Xia Jian said:“Thank you”Took a sip,Really good tea。
“how about it?My friend brought it from the southern tea garden,Not available in the market。Is the mouth fragrant?,Long scent,It can be said to be a little soothing to the heart and lungs”He Wei said,Chong Xia Jian smiled faintly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“I never like to drink tea,No, this cup of tea is different,Really like”Xia Jian said,Just laugh。
Two people chatting,The atmosphere is very harmonious。No one talks about the business venue,This made Xia Jian a little moved,He asked He Wei out,Not just for a cup of tea,Talk about things。
The dishes came soon,Only two people,He Wei also ordered more than ten dishes,Although the amount is not large,But many dishes。Liquor is Wuliangye,It seems that He Wei still looks at Xia Jian。
Although Xia Jianyue He Wei came out,But here is He Wei’s site,You won’t let Xia Jian pay the money after eating.!Actually before Xia Jian came,I’ve already thought of this question。
A few glasses of wine,He Wei’s white face,Has a faint blush,More attractive。She glanced at Xia Jian,Holding a wine glass,Smiled:“Brother Xia!You ask me out,I don’t really miss my sister?“
He Wei uses Jiujin,The name Xia Jian suddenly changed,This made Xia Jian feel soft。I have known He Wei for so long,Xia Jian’s first time seeing her like this。
Xia Jian hurriedly said with a smile:“Sister is rich and powerful,People look so pretty again,It is reasonable to think about it,Can’t i think about it?“
“Hahahaha!Just you can talk。No matter if what you say is true or false,But i sound comfortable。Speak!Does the group want me to help?“He Wei laughed,Finally talked about business。She is such a shrewd person,I don’t know Xia Jian’s intentions。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Sister is really smart,Now that I know where I came,Then I said。The group is currently tightening money due to banks,There was a problem with funding,I want to ask sister to lend us a little“
“Ha ha!Your entrepreneurial group has been under your leadership these two years,There are so many newly developed projects。But this must take a very big risk,Such as the current bank lending problem“He Wei said,Pour the last drop of wine in the bottle to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian has a look,Busy talking:“sister! This wine is here tonight,Drinking too much,I’m afraid I can’t control myself,Delay let’s talk about business“
“Humph!Business,What is business?”He Wei stood up shaking。
Xia Jian has a look,Hurriedly walked over and supported her。He Wei put one hand on Xia Jian’s neck,Smiled slightly:“Brother Xia,Drink good wine,I can chat with people I can chat with,This is the business”