She doesn’t quite understand what Xiao Fan thinks,Obviously the owner of this mental hospital,As a result, chatting with mental patients,Is it so fun to chat with mental illness??

“Ugh?Head nurse,Where did Shangxian go??”A mentally ill suddenly discovered that Xiao Fan was missing,Asked the head nurse quickly。
The head nurse sighed,Said helplessly:“Shangxian was summoned to the heaven,Have to wait a while before going down,Come,You should eat the elixir,Hurry up and eat the elixir。”
Xiao Fan walked out of the mental hospital,I saw a beautiful woman in black silk and sunglasses relying on a domineering Lexus,Wearing a capable black hip skirt,The waisted attire looks fuller and more spectacular,And her slender fingers are playing with the phone。
“Wife,”Xiao Fan came to Lin Yun’er。
Lin Yuner raised her head and glanced at Xiao Fan,Talking coldly,Is back in the driver’s seat of the car,Xiao Fan is also ready to turn on the co-pilot and get into the car。
“Roll down,No car!”
Xiao Fan just opened the door to get in the car,I heard a cold voice from the co-pilot,He knew it right away,This is the voice of Liu Chunlan, my mother-in-law。
“what,Not doing business all day long,Give him money and he ran to take in mental illness,I think you are mentally ill,Roll off the car,”Liu Chunlan shouted at Xiao Fan with disgust。
Xiao Fan also knows that his mother-in-law has always looked down upon him,Think he has been eating soft rice,That’s why I look down on him so much。
“mom,Today my grandma’s birthday,How can he get back in time without getting in the car?”Lin Yuner also said to Liu Chunlan。
“Who cares,Isn’t he able to run to this psychiatric hospital without a car??Let him run back after the car,”Liu Chunlan said coldly。