[How to quickly eliminate preliminary inflation gas]_What to do_How to treat

[How to quickly eliminate preliminary inflation gas]_What to do_How to treat

Flatulence Many people have experienced this kind of experience, whether it is their gastrointestinal upset or eating it.

To relieve flatulence, you can choose to drink some yogurt, which can promote digestion and absorption, and take a walk after eating to avoid indigestion. Of course, there are many drugs for flatulence, which is also one of our choices.
After flatulence, you can choose to massage the abdomen first to relieve the discomfort.

1. Drink yogurt to relieve bloating.

Drinking yogurt can effectively increase the beneficial bacteria inside and promote the balance of the original beneficial bacteria.

Yogurt can help digestion and absorption, and has a good effect on alleviating stomach flatulence.

2. The drug solves abdominal distension.

When flatulence occurs, it can be effectively relieved by taking medicine.

In general, you can take amoxicillin, fluorophenolic acid, etc. to eliminate the bloating inherent in the body due to bacterial activity.

3. Avoid too much stomach acid.

Excessive stomach acid is an important cause of flatulence. You can reduce stomach acidity by taking OTC drugs such as Starcure and Weizhi.

4. Properly perform abdominal massage.

When stomach bloating occurs, proper massage on the abdomen can effectively relieve it.

In addition, you can relieve bloating by drinking water several times in a small mouth.

5, walk more after meals to effectively resolve abdominal distension.

Many people experience bloating, usually sitting or lying down immediately after a meal. This can easily lead to indigestion and bloating.

You should walk around after meals. Housework or walking is also a good choice.

Precautions For people who often have flatulence, it is advisable to have a full stomach at every meal, and try to adapt to their digestive ability.

In addition, the diet should be light, avoid alcohol and tobacco as much as possible.

Intake gas expansion is caused by a variety of reasons. The perfusion channel is not smooth or the gas blocking the sintering channel cannot be moved freely.

Gastrointestinal flatulence can be functional or organic, such as initial gastroparesis caused by irritable syndrome syndrome, which can cause implanted flatulence to be functional flatulence and pyloric obstruction.For organic flatulence often coexist with constipation.