Zhu Minglang is also a very greedy person。

While he is climbing,Pick some ordinary Yuntai tree fruits easily,I almost have a big basket。
And the most important holy fruit,I wish Minglang never let it go,The main trunk of the Yuntai mother tree presents a trident,Zhu Minglang intends to search for two of the colorful holy fruits,A total of four!
Not ransacked。
I also left three of the three of the Holy Candle Dragon family。
Mainly time does not allow,And the last trunk is deep,There is a biting high-altitude ice wind,It’s very difficult to climb over。
Collect the four holy fruits,Zhu Minglang immediately turn around and leave。
at this time,The little sacred candle dragon who had been sleeping all the time suddenly roared,A pair of red eyes staring at Zhu Minglang,Blocked Zhu Minglang’s escape route。
Little candle dragon with great hostility,Fangs and claws are exposed,To tear it up, Zhu Minglang, the fruit thief。
“Qing Zhuo,Arrange it。”
Zhu Minglang immediately summoned the Shenmu Qingshenglong,Turn around and run,I don’t want the Holy Candle Dragon to see himself。
The Shenmu Qingshenglong dexterously flies among the branches of the Yuntai mother tree,Its cyan vertical eyes stared at the little candle dragon。
Said to be the little candle dragon。
Actually it’s also in adulthood,It’s just that its strength hasn’t reached the Jun level。