All these years,They are all very good friends,So naturally I have to help my boss,If the bad woman really did something to hurt the boss。

Then any of them will not give up easily,Will avenge the boss wife,Xiao Fan, who seeks justice, can immediately know what Yiming is thinking,Just look at his expression。
Xiao Fan smiled helplessly,Then tell Yiming:“okay,Take the important things to me quickly,I still want to make time to go to the base to take a look. After all, didn’t you tell me that there were unusual disturbances in some places two days ago?,
I don’t know why,We may have to go and take a look at that time 。”Yiming thought about it:“There is such a thing,But Shen Lin told me two days ago,Don’t know how is going on,May have been resolved。
If not resolved,He should find us,I don’t know what happened over there。”do not know why,Xiao Fan faintly felt that something was not quite right。
Then he told Yiming:“wrong,Something must happen,Put other things aside first,Let’s go to the base first。”
Then Yiming noticed it too,If Xiao Fan had such an abnormal behavior,There must be something,Then I decided to go back to the base with Xiao Fan to take a look。
The more Xiao Fan thinks about it, the more it feels wrong,Then I used perspective to see the situation of the base,He found that the base seems to be much quieter than usual,Even looks a little unusual,He knew something must happen。
Two people did not waste time Xiao Fan used a special ability,Let the car arrive at the door of the base in an instant,No need to hide anything in front of Yiming anyway,Yiming naturally knows the abilities of his boss。
So I don’t think there is anything strange,What’s more, he is worried about what will happen to Shen Lin and the brothers in the base now.,But comforted myself,No one has the courage to move Xiao Fan’s people。
What’s more, these people are very powerful,How can it be easily calculated or hurt by others?,Even if he comforts himself so much,But I always feel that something is going to happen,Then the two hurried into the base。
In the past, someone would greet Xiao Fan at the door,Because Xiao Fan’s car is the only one in the world,So the brothers below know Xiao Fan,I will greet Xiao Fan respectfully when I see Xiao Fan coming,But this time no one came out。
And the whole base is very quiet,It’s like the tranquility after a storm,Xiao Fan knows something must be wrong,Then I didn’t control Yiming,I used teleport directly and found that there was no one in the house.。