[How to brew Xinyang Maojian]_How to brew_How to brew

[How to brew Xinyang Maojian]_How to brew_How to brew

There is a statement that “the north is talking about things on the wine table, and the south is talking about work in the tea room.” It can be seen that tea is very important in the south.

People in the north and south are doing business with each other, and wine and tea cultures are infiltrating each other.

There are more and more people drinking tea in the north, but many northerners do not know how to brew Xinyang Maojian. Let me explain how to brew Xinyang Maojian.

Xinyang tea area is located on the northern slope of Dabie Mountain. Generally, the altitude is between 300 meters and 800 meters. It has unique natural conditions for tea tree growth. Xinyang Maojian has tender buds and many buds, so it is called Maojian.

At the same time back to Gan is good, generally brew 3?
There is still a strong aroma of cooked chestnuts in 5 courses, and the poor quality of the hair tips will not taste after a maximum of 2 bubbles.At the same time, remember a sentence of Xinyang: put more good tea, less tea, because the high-grade Xinyang hairy buds have more and tender heads, the tea leaves less mellow taste, and the lower grades because the leaves have more buds and less.Tea is too bitter and affects the taste.

Thoroughly brew a cup of Xinyang Maojian, you must choose the right water and tea, and also master the brewing skills of tea, grasp the brewing essentials.

The water temperature for making tea-Xinyang Maojian should use the water-saving tea after cooling down.

If it is directly brewed with water, the leaf color and soup color of the tea will turn yellow, the tea buds will not stand upright, and nutrients such as vitamin c will be destroyed, which will reduce the fragrance and freshness of the tea and reduce the ornamental.

Therefore, it should be brewed with water at about 80 ° C.

Super-grade Xinyang Maojian, brew with boiling water to 70 ℃.

Dosage of tea and water-It is recommended to make 50-60 ml of boiling water at a suitable temperature per gram of tea.

According to the habit of “light tea full of wine”, usually a 200 ml tea cup, 150 ml of boiling water at moderate temperature, and put about 3 grams of tea on it.

Length of tea making time-After tea is brewed with boiling water, vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine are the first to be extracted from the tea. Generally, 3 minutes, the tea soup has a fresh and mellow taste, but it is rich in irritating taste;After that, tea polyphenols were gradually leached out. Although the refreshing taste was reduced, the bitterness and astringency were relatively increased.

Brewing times-after the first brewing of green tea, the water extract in the tea soup already accounts for about 55% of the total solubles; the second brewing extract is about 30% of the total solubles; the thirdThe brewing is about 10%; the fourth brewing is only 1% -3%, which is actually boiling water.

Therefore, generally speaking, it is best to brew Xinyang Maojian tea 2-3 times; after the first brewing, it is recommended to complete the smell within 10 minutes, and the taste is the highest.

The second brewing should be done within 30 minutes.

The third brew is generally not that particular.