There are still many running-in with the sword spirit dragon。

For example, when the sword spirit dragon is in autonomous form,After all, it is a sword spirit condensed from many sword souls,He Bingchen Bailong、Shenmu Qingshenglong、There are still some differences in Tyrannosaurus Thunder。
It has the ability to fight itself,But if the sword spirit dragon can be transformed into a flying sword,If you are one with your own mind,Can also greatly improve the strength,The sword spirit dragon is very good,What’s lacking is control。
Zhu Minglang is now trying this kind of unity of mind。
Although I can’t hold the sword myself,Can’t wake up like a sword,Let yourself have a strong cultivation base,But flying swordsmanship,Take control,Invincible!
There are many schools of sword repair。
What I have been practicing all the time belongs to the fighting sword genre,Proficient in various powerful swordsmanship of destruction,Looking for a higher sword state。
Sword Master,Generally only wear a sword,Most of them use swords,Also pursue self-cultivation。
Feijian School,Zhu Minglang is relatively unfamiliar。
Feijian pays attention to tempering the sword of the fairy,General sword weapon as the core,And carry multiple swords with you。
The sword master does not pursue his own powerful swordsmanship and skills,Focus more on controlling swords,Kill the enemy with the sword。
Lai Yunzi seems to belong to the latter,She controls Feijian with her mind。
But there are still some puzzling things,Her power,It doesn’t seem to be purely the flying sword genre。
Wait for her to come,You can ask,Maybe it will help me control the sword spirit dragon。