“That won’t work,Yoona,The two of us must make it clear today,otherwise,If this matter has been left in our hearts like this,For us in the future,Definitely not a good thing。”

have to say,Xiao Fan’s eloquence is really good,Lin Yoona looked at the strong words for this reason,Xiao Fan who is still so arrogant,Suddenly, I was not so anxious to end this for no reason“quarrel”Up。
“Ok,So what do you want now?You are telling me to listen,I am listening。”Finished,Lin Yoona put herself in a particularly comfortable position。
Hold your chest,The back is directly attached to the back of the co-pilot,It’s all about the meaning of having done a good job and listening to Xiao Fan。
The way Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona,I couldn’t help but feel funny in my heart。
It seems that this little woman,It’s far more powerful than I expected!
Because just now,Don’t say it’s Lin Yuna,Just talk about himself,That also means I feel a little okay to find trouble。
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan,In fact, I was more or less whispered in my heart,to be frank,She really doesn’t understand that Xiao Fan suddenly has such trouble with herself,What kind of reason is it?。
She and Xiao Fan have been married for several years,to be frank,Xiao Fan really has never acted like this in front of her.!
but,Today he is like a person suddenly changed,I can’t stand it anymore at this moment!
Let’s talk about this usually,Do you want to hear Xiao Fan say more,That’s a very difficult thing,Because this person’s character has always wanted to say something,When it’s okay,You want him to say one more word, it’s almost impossible。
so,Don’t say that Xiao Fan today is for an outsider,For the wife who has the closest relationship with him,She is more or less unacceptable,but,Fortunately, her love for Xiao Fan is beyond doubt,so,Although Lin Yoona thinks Xiao Fan today is a bit different,but,This roughly,She can still accept it。
Because believe,So it’s easier to accept,Isn’t it?
in fact,For Lin Yoona,Whether it’s Xiao Fan who didn’t like talking before,It’s better than Xiao Fan who is full of nonsense now,It’s all from the bottom of my heart, isn’t it??