Older bedrooms use orange to improve health

Older bedrooms use orange to improve health

Why do people see green when they see green, just like they have captured the hope, and they have seen the blue, and they have a sea-like feeling from the bottom of their hearts?

This is the effect of color on people’s psychology.

  ”Cold colors, purple, white, people feel depressed, and warm colors such as orange, yellow, make people feel warm, very correct colors, such as red, black is easy to worry.

Zhang Pufeng, a senior designer who has graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in interior design and worked in the interior decoration work for nearly 10 years, said in an interview with the reporter of Life Times.

From the perspective of color psychology, red can stimulate the nervous system. Excessive exposure can cause anxiety and easily cause fatigue.

Therefore, the choice of bedroom, study and bedding should avoid using too much red, especially for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients.

  Orange has a magical effect that stimulates appetite.

Studies have also shown that for the elderly, orange not only helps the absorption of calcium, but also keeps them healthy.

This color can be used in kitchens, dining rooms and older bedrooms, bed sheets, etc.

The study is not suitable, it is easy to make people sleepy.

  Golden yellow also stimulates the nervous system, and excessive use can easily cause emotional instability.

This color can only be made with a small amount of decoration.

  The role of green primary calming emotions is extremely helpful for active, stressful and emotional negative.

This color can be used more in the study and the accessories in the living room.

Blue can help you eliminate tension, and the bedroom and child’s room can be used more.

Purple is easy to make people feel depressed, Di blue makes people feel safe, and beige is the mildest.

In addition, “the effect of color on the psychology directly affects the decoration of the home environment. The appearance of a color should be interspersed with other colors to make people look comfortable.