Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming are not idle,They joined forces to launch an onslaught on the ghost giant in the lake。

Although compared to Master Wu Hao in mid-air,,Even if the two are added together,The momentum is also far worse,And it’s not even a star,But these two are not discouraged,But because the target value is set much lower,But become confident。
The two of them seem to have forgotten,Even the shadow giants in the lake,Are also terrifying creatures above level 44,Usually any one is a dark creature of the leader level,Not to mention there are still a lot in the lake!
Two Forty-Three God National Warriors,Together they launched a fierce attack on a large group of dark creatures above the forty-fourth level.。
Real warrior,Dare to face the dripping blood,This is the style of Bairimen heroes!
Long Zhanye takes the lead,Once again thunder sword,Sword as sword,Hiss all at once,A large area of sharp sword light was drawn。
Who says you can’t pierce people without a gun head?Then,Using a knife does not necessarily make it bad!
At least here in Longzhanye,nonexistent!
Long Zhanye is the number one master beside Wuhao Lord,Regardless of strength,Heart,All the best,This sword cut through the sky,Full of momentum,A hundred times more dazzling than before。
And almost at the same time,Tu Shanming no longer hides,But resorted to ten steps to kill,Instantly moved to a position farther forward than the Dragon Battlefield,With the iron slasher in his hand as the core,A large burst of thunder burst out,Shocking。
The effect of these two big moves,Ten times more exaggerated than before,Because their purpose is not to kill the enemy,But to try to attract the attention of those ghost giants,The two who hide the real hands。
as expected,Those ghost giants were all attracted by the two exaggerated performances,They look restless,Very upset。
Those two little fleas,Show off in front of them,Jumping around,Is tolerable,You can’t bear it。
Ever since,All the ghost giants in the lake are staring at them,And look fierce,A posture to tear these two people apart。
of course,In fact, they are also a little nervous,After all, these two people just cut down a ghost giant,I didn’t see the corpse still soaked by the lake!Can’t help but work hard。
The corpse of the beheaded Golem Giant fell by the lake,Half soak in the lake,Half exposed。
No one noticed,Right next to the corpse of the ghost giant,Two more sneaky shadows。
It’s Yusheng and Zhou Shen,Since these two came to this plane,Because of the existence of Wu Hao,What they learned,Almost useless。