New Mommy Health Slimming Trilogy

New Mommy Health Slimming Trilogy

Part 1: Establishing the correct concept Experts point out that the six months after birth is the golden period for the new mother to lose weight.

But the new mother who has just given birth can’t blindly diet and lose weight.

Because the body has not fully recovered to the level before pregnancy, and some new mothers are also responsible for the heavy feeding task, this is the time to supplement nutrition.

Forced dieting after childbirth will cause the new mother to recover slowly, and serious complications may occur after delivery.

It is even more undesirable to take diet pills.

New breastfeeding mothers take diet pills, most of the drugs will be discharged from the milk, which is equivalent to the baby also follow you to eat alternative drugs.

  Some new mothers, afraid of feeding, make the breasts slack, sagging, affecting the beauty of the body, and artificial implantation.

This practice is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby, and is not conducive to recovery and maintain its body shape.

Because during breastfeeding, the baby’s sucking stimulates the nipple, the mother’s prolactin secretion is increased, and the uterus contraction of the enlarged pregnancy is gradually increased, resulting in a rapid recovery of the swollen abdominal wall.

Prolactin prevents excessive sagging of the breast by acting on glandular epithelial cells and breast suspensory ligaments of the breast.

Breastfeeding or accelerating the secretion of milk, promoting maternal metabolism, consumption of polystyrene accumulated by pregnancy complications, thereby effectively preventing obesity.

  The second part: Reasonable adjustment of diet experts reminds all new mothers that postpartum diet mix has a substantial effect on the smooth progress of slimming.

To ensure that the baby and the new mother are well-nourished, the diet must be rich in protein, vitamins, minerals such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables.

  New mothers should try to eat vegetable oil. The less oil, the better. The high-fat salad dressing and peanut butter are all easy to get fat. The new mother is best to eat less.

New mothers should eat the right amount of dairy products, but should pay attention to supplement low-fat, skim milk, and should not choose condensed milk, flavored milk.

Desserts and snacks are also not suitable for new mothers who want to lose weight, especially cakes and chocolates, which are particularly high-grade and should be properly controlled.

  It is best for new mothers to eat less and eat more meals every day. This will not increase the burden on the body, and the energy in the food can be quickly utilized by the body.

On the other hand, if you eat it once, the blood will be concentrated in the digestive organs for a long time, making people sleepy, and the energy will be stored in the feces after a while.

When the next meal comes, it will eat too much due to excessive obesity, thus forming a vicious circle.

  Part III: On the second day after proper aerobic exercise, the new mother can get out of bed first, and the new mother who has lost blood sugar, low blood pressure and caesarean section, gets out of bed on the third day.

Experts say that postpartum sports should adhere to three principles: First, avoid gravity movement.

In order to quickly lose weight, many women will exercise and lose weight immediately after childbirth, which may affect the recovery of the uterus and cause bleeding. In severe cases, the surgical wound or vulva during production will be damaged again.

Don’t forget that before the exercise, the warm-up exercise before and after the mitigation exercise can not be less.

  Second, it is to choose light, medium-intensity aerobic exercise, and to persevere, which is conducive to weight loss, and can effectively prevent rebound after weight loss.

Aerobic exercise has excellent fat burning effects, including jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, aerobic dance, etc., and the time required is at least 12 to 15 minutes. If you want to burn adults effectively, you should continue for 30 minutes.the above.
  Third, it is necessary to avoid the alternation of quick success and self-interest and laziness.

Once the belief in postpartum fitness is established, don’t break through your psychological defenses and you can’t “indulge.”

It may not be halfway, occasionally greedy and snooze; sometimes don’t rush to make progress, sometimes it is a few hours to get into the gym.

It is necessary to calm down on the ground to lose weight after delivery.